Sub Application

Welcome back, sub. How did it feel to send that initial tribute to your Goddess? It must feel so good knowing you’re making yourself useful to her. 

You’re proving your obedience and submissiveness to us quite well so far. However, you have plenty more to do, so let’s get right to it.

Now that you’ve sent at least one initial tribute to the Goddess of your choice, the next step is going to be to fill out a sub application. Sub applications are a Goddess’s way of learning more about you, and finding out if you would make a good long-term submissive for her.

So for your next task, you are going to go through the profiles of the Goddesses you’ve been speaking to so far, and choose one who you would like to fill out a sub application for. This might turn out to be the Goddess that you have already sent the initial tribute to in the previous task. So if you want to fill out a Sub Application for that same Goddess, that is fine. If you’d like to choose a different one, that is fine as well.

A lot of the Goddesses here to have their sub application links listed in their profile. So you can check her profile to see if she has her application link listed there. If there is a link, you can click it and fill out the form. If not, you can message her and ask her if she has a sub application you can fill out.

Also, many Dommes require an application fee to go along with filling out her application. She often times will list her application fee in her profile. If it is not listed, then message her and ask her what her application fee is.

You will then fill out her sub application and submit the filled out application to her.

Once this is done, you will message your Goddess and let her know that you have just filled out and submitted her sub application to her, and have sent the application fee to her.

Once all that is done, you will post the following completion message in the “Featured” section: “Verified Task #5 Complete, Sub Application, along with application fee, submitted.”

You will then wait for further instructions on how to begin and complete Verified Task #6.

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