Initial Tribute

Nice work on completing the first three tasks, sub. Don’t worry, we have plenty more in store for you.

Now that you’ve been messaging with several Goddesses, you’ve probably received at least a couple of responses.

It must feel so good for you to get even just a little bit of attention from beautiful women, doesn’t it sub?

For your next task, you are going to choose one Goddess. This could be the one you like the most, the one you find most attractive, the one who turns you on the most, etc.

You are going to choose one Goddess, and send her initial tribute to her. This is the amount she will require you to send in order to properly begin speaking to her. Her initial tribute might be listed on her profile. If it’s not, then message her and ask her what her initial tribute amount is.

Once you are clear on her initial tribute amount. You can send her initial tribute using any payment method that works for both of you.

Once this is done, you will message your Goddess and let her know that you have just sent her initial tribute to her.

Once all that is done, you will post the following completion message in the “Featured” section: “Verified Task #4 Complete, Initial Tribute Sent.”

Once you’ve sent her initial tribute and posted in the Featured Section, come back here and fill out the form below.

If you’ve already completed this task ahead of time, meaning you’ve already sent a Goddess on here her initial tribute, that is perfectly fine. In that case, you can simply skip right ahead to posting “Verified Task #4 Complete, Initial Tribute Sent.” in the Featured section and filling out the form below.

While of course it’s encouraged that you send plenty of initial tributes to plenty of Beautiful Goddesses on here, to complete this task only one is required, so if it’s already done that’s fine.

But if not, then get to it, sub. Do this now. Choose 1 Goddess here, find out her initial tribute amount and preferred payment method, send it to her, let her know that you’ve sent it, post “Verified Task #4 Complete, Initial Tribute Sent.” in the Featured section, and then come back here and fill out the form below.

Do you understand the task, sub? Good. So do this now.

You will then wait for further instructions on how to begin and complete Verified Task #5.

Enter your Findom App username above.
Enter her Findom App username above.
I have completed my 4th Verified Task by sending an initial tribute to a Goddess here on Findom App, letting her know I sent it, and posting "Verified Task #4 Complete, Initial Tribute Sent." in the Featured section.

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