Special Treat

You’re in luck, sub, because now we have a special treat for you.

Since you’ve been such a good sub and have completed all of your tasks up until this point correctly, we’re going to reward you.

As part of that, we also want to turn up the intensity.. just a little bit.

For this Task, you are going to go to our sister site, Findom Live Cams.

When you get to Findom Live Cams, you are going to see a whole bunch of Beautiful Goddesses listed on the page.

Not only that, but all of these Goddesses are all currently video streaming live on their webcams, in real time!

You are going to browse the photos of the Goddesses you see, and you are going to select one that intrigues you the most.

You are then going to click on her photo, which will take you to her profile and to her live webcam chat room.

When you get there, you will see her streaming live on her webcam, in real time.

So the first part of this task is simple, you’re going to sit there for a moment, and just admire how Beautiful she is.

Admire how much of a Goddess she is.

Then after a moment, you are going to approach her properly.. appropriately.. respectfully.

You are to approach her in the proper and respectful way you would any Beautiful Dominant Goddess, the way she deserves to be approached.

You’ve probably approached Goddesses before, so you probably have your own idea on how to approach, what to say, etc.

If for whatever reason you need assistance with what to say, you can say the usual:

“Hello Goddess”

“Hello Mistress”

“You’re very Beautiful”

“You’re very Beautiful Goddess”

“I’m here to serve you Mistress”


You get the point.

And then the 3rd and final part of this task, is going to be after you initially message her in the main chat, you are going to go to the “Give Gold” button, and you are going to give her at least 1 Gold (you can give more if you’d like, and the more the better for her of course, to show her how much you appreciate and worship her, but to complete this Task all you have to give is a minimum of just 1 Gold).

And that is it for this particular Task.

So to recap..

You are going to start by going to Findom Live Cams.

Browse all of the Goddesses that are currently online.

Choose the one you’re most interested in approaching.

Click on her profile to go to her live chat room.

Take a moment to admire her beauty.

Approach her in the main chat box.

Give her at least 1 Gold to show your appreciation of her beauty and your interest in potentially serving her.

And that is it for this task.

We consider this task a Special Treat because it’s a break from the typical series of Tasks that we have for you.

Once you’ve properly completed this Task, we’ll have you continue on with future Tasks that will circle back to diving in deeper to some of your interactions that you’ve been having with the Beautiful Goddesses here on the main site.

You’re really going to enjoy this task, sub. It’s going to be very enticing, and you’re going to feel really good while it’s happening, so be sure to get this task done quickly and go do this now.

So go to Findom Live Cams now, you already have an account as it was required to Get Verified here, so be sure to sign in to that same account and complete this Task.

Once this task is completed, when you’ve approached the Beautiful Goddess you’ve chosen in her live chat and sent her 1 Gold, come back here, and fill out the form below.

Upon completion of this task, and our review and approval of your completion of this task, you will then be moved on to Verified Task #4, which you’re really going to enjoy!

Findom Live Cams

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I have completed my 3rd Verified Task by going to Findom Live Cams, choosing a Goddess I like, approaching her in her live chat room, and then tributing her at least 1 Gold.

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