Community Drain Sessions

Welcome back, sub.

If you’re here right now, it means you’ve successfully completed your first set of tasks and have officially Become a Verified Sub here on Findom App. This is the proper next step in your journey into Findom.

Below we have put together a new series of tasks. These are designed to push you to your limits, and to begin training you to serve. This includes approaching correctly, obeying our every command, and preparing you to be owned by the one Domme who deems you worthy enough to serve her.

So, in the same style as the previous set of tasks, you are to start with this first task (Verified Task #1) and only move on to the next tasks after each previous task is completed.

When you signed up here, we mentioned that we were first going to put you under the control of several Goddesses all at the same time. This way we can get to know you better and see how good of a sub you can be for us.

Now that you are a Verified Sub here, you have recently had your 10 Domme Dollars bonus added to your profile. So now, you will go to the top menu item that says “Sessions.” You will let all of the Dommes know that you have just become Verified, and you are ready to have all of your Domme Dollars drained. If you need the exact words to say, you can copy this and paste it into the chat box in the “Sessions” section:

“Hello Goddesses. I am a sub, and I have just become Verified. I was given 10 Domme Dollars, and I am ready to transfer all of those Domme Dollars to you as soon as possible.”

You will then wait for a response. When you have a Domme or several Dommes respond, you will follow their instructions. Once all of your Domme Dollars are drained, you will once again go to the “Featured” section and write: “Verified Task #1 Complete.”

That is all that is required of you for this task. Our instructions are clear, and this should be done soon after you receive your 10 Domme Dollars bonus. We expect all of your Domme Dollars to be fully drained within a day of receiving them. Make sure you get this task done, and post your completion message in the “Featured” section. You will then wait for further instructions on how to begin and complete Verified Task #2.

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