You are now a Verified Domme here on Findom App!

We have upgraded your account to Verified, added you to the Verified Dommes list, and added your 10 Domme Dollars bonus to your profile. You will now be able to read and send unlimited private messages and have full access to the entire platform for life! We’re glad to have you here, and we look forward to assisting you to earn as much as possible as a Domme here on Findom App!

If you’ve completed the previous series of Assignments, this is absolutely not the end of your journey here, but rather the beginning. We have a whole new series of steps for you to take to start earning substantial amounts of money here.

If you haven’t completed the previous set of Assignments, not to worry at all. We’re going to have you continue those as needed, before moving you on to a brand new series of steps for you to take so that you earn the most amount of money possible here.

The first set of Getting Started steps was focused on introducing you to the website here, getting familiar with features, setting up your profile, etc.

This next series of Assignments are going to focus instead on getting you to start earning here.

There are many different ways to earn here. For example, you can earn Domme Dollars as the result of subs completing tasks that we instruct them to complete. You can also earn from your interactions with subs using any currency and any payment method you choose.

We’re going to use some of what we set up in the previous Assignments here. So we’re going to set goals for you such as earning your initial tribute, then we’ll move on to application fees, getting your application completed and finding a sub for you to own.

We’re also going to go over some more advanced techniques, to get you bigger sends more frequently.

We’re going to dive deeper into the Affiliate Program, and go above and beyond to set you up to get Affiliate sales on a consistent basis.

We also want to explore opportunities to get more and more community Finsubs for you to drain, but also what we call “Unsuspecting Finsubs” which we’re going to talk more about.

We also have a ton of new features in the works. We’re always innovating and coming up with new ideas, and we’re excited to share everything with you and have you with us for the long-term.

We really want this to work for you. This is not your typical platform where you sign up and do your own thing and hopefully it works but it probably won’t. Not at all. While of course you’re welcome to do your own thing, we are going to take a very active approach in helping you to get whatever it is you’re looking to get from here.

Whether you’re interested in money or entertaining experiences, whether you’re looking for a few extra dollars on the side or you want to make this your full time living, let’s make that happen!

We will have your next series of Assignments ready for you very soon. In the meantime..

Start Draining Subs Right Now!

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