Total Drain

So far, you are turning out to be a very good sub for us. You’ve been obedient, and you’ve followed our instructions. If you continue to complete these tasks properly as you have been, you might be eligible to become our dedicated sub. But not so fast yet, sub. We have some more work for you to do.

At this point, it’s likely that you have some leftover Domme Dollars in your profile. Typically at this point in the tasks, you should have 2 Domme Dollars left (from when you uploaded the profile and cover photos). Regardless if you have 2, or even 1 or 3 or whatever amount you have, it’s time for you to get completely drained.

So for this task, you are to transfer away the remaining Domme Dollars you have to any Domme on here. You can transfer them all to one Domme, or you can transfer 1 Domme Dollar to one Domme and the other to another. They can be Verified Dommes or Unverified Dommes. Pick any Domme you’d like, but in order to complete this task you must transfer away ALL of the Domme Dollars on your profile so you are left with your Domme Dollars balance as: 0

Even though you’ve already made at least 2 transfers previously, here is a recap on how to complete your transfer:

Choose a Domme you like by clicking on her profile. You are then going to see her username. Either write it down or copy it on your computer/phone. 

Then you are going to go to the “Transfer” menu item on the top menu. You are then going to type in or paste the username of the Domme you’ve chosen, and then type in the amount to send. You will then click the blue button that says “Transfer.”

And that is it for this task. This is a silent send. No message or further communication is required on your part. This is a very simple task. You already have the Domme Dollars in your profile, AND you’ve already made a transfer twice before, so there are absolutely NO EXCUSES!

If for whatever reason your Domme Dollars balance is already at: 0, that is fine. In that case you may skip this and post your completion message (see below). 

But if not, then get to it sub, do this now. This is a very easy task to complete, especially since you’ve done it twice before, and so we expect it done quickly and efficiently.

Once you are done with this task, you are to go once again to the “Featured” menu item on top, and type into the box: “Task #7 Completed”

Once you have transferred all of your remaining Domme Dollars away and posted your “Task #7 Completed” message in the “Featured” section, you will then fill out the form below so that your task completion can be reviewed and so you can be moved on to Task #8:

Enter your Findom App username above.
I have transferred all of my remaining Domme Dollars away and I am now completely drained and my current Domme Dollars balance is now 0.

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