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Nice work on your previous task, sub. Surely you enjoyed looking at all those Beautiful Goddesses as you clicked the “Add Friend” button one by one, isn’t that right, sub? Don’t you just wish you could get any of their attention, even if just for a single moment? 

This next task is going to be very simple. All you have to do is post one message in the chat room.

For this task, we want to make sure you’ve had an opportunity to let as many Goddesses as possible know that you are here, ready, willing and eager to serve them.

You are going to go to the top menu item that says: “Chat Room” and you are going to post a message to let the Goddesses in the Chat Room know that you are a sub, and that you are here to serve, how you can serve them, etc.

If you need help with what to say, you can say something like this:

“Hello Goddesses, for one of my Tasks, I have been instructed to come to the Chat Room here and ask all of you how I may be of service to you today?”

Keep in mind, any message will do. So even if you just want to say “Hello” and your name to introduce yourself, that is fine as well. You can tell the Goddesses a little bit about yourself, your interests, what you hope to get from here, etc. The content is unimportant. The above ideas are to help guide you, but all you have to do for this task is simply post a message in the Chat Room.

And that is all you have to do for this task. Post a message in the “Chat Room” section of the website.

Once your Chat Room message is posted, you are to go once again to the “Featured” menu item on top, and type into the box: “Task #6 Completed”

Once you have posted your message in the main Findom App chat room and posted your “Task #6 Completed” message in the “Featured” section, you will then fill out the form below so that your task completion can be reviewed and so you can be moved on to Task #7:

Enter your Findom App username above.
I have posted a message in the main chat room.

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