Friend Requests

You’re doing a good job so far, sub. While you still have a ways to go, you are showing us that you have the potential to be a very good sub for us.

For your next task, you are going to go to the “Verified Dommes” list, and you are going to add the Verified Dommes as a friends.

We made it easier for you by adjusting your view so that you can click the “Add Friend” button without having to go to the full profile. So you are to go down the list, and click “Add Friend” for every Verified Domme on each of the first 10 pages of the “Verified Dommes” list. This might take a few minutes, but you should have no problem doing it and we expect it done quickly and efficiently.

This is an important task that demonstrates your submissiveness, your ability to follow instructions, and it is important to make an initial communication (even if it’s just a friend request) with the Dommes on Findom App because you will be communicating with them further on future tasks.

And that is it for this task.

If you’ve completed any or all of this task on your own previously, that is fine, you can skip any of this that you’ve already done and post your completion message (see below).

But if not, then get to it sub, do this now.

Add every Verified Domme on the first 10 pages of the Verified Dommes list as friends.

Once you are done with this task, you are to go to the “Featured” menu item on top, and type into the box: “Task #4 Completed”

Once you have sent requests to all of the Verified Dommes on the first 10 pages and posted your “Task #4 Completed” message in the “Featured” section, you will then fill out the form below so that your task completion can be reviewed and so you can be moved on to Task #5:

Enter your Findom App username above.
I have sent friend requests to all of the Verified Dommes on the first 10 Pages.

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