Good job on setting up your Bitcoin wallet, sub. Every good sub here needs to know how to use Bitcoin. You’re on your way to greatly pleasing us.

For your next task, you are going to add Bitcoin to your wallet. To do this, go to whatever exchange you are on, and go to the exchanges option to “Buy Bitcoin.”

If you don’t know how to do this, figure it out. Google it, ask for assistance.

Once you’ve found the “Buy Bitcoin” option, you are going to buy $10 worth of Bitcoin.

If you are in the United States, $10 is self explanatory.

If you are in another country/use a different currency, simply use this currency converter to figure out what $10 equals in your native currency, and then buy that amount of Bitcoin using $10 or the equivalent of $10 in your native currency. Click here for a currency converter:

When using the currency converter, simply type in “10” for United States Dollar and then select your native currency from the dropdown menu under it.

Once you’ve figured out how much $10 is worth in your native currency, purchase that amount of Bitcoin.

And that’s it, that’s all you have to do for this task.

This task should be very quick and simple.

And no complaining about the $10, that’s practically nothing.

You should thank us for letting you off easy on this task, sub.

So go..

Do this now.

Go to your Bitcoin exchange and buy $10 in Bitcoin.

Once this task is done, you will go to the “Featured” section on the main menu and type “Task #9 Completed. I have purchased Bitcoin.”

Once this task is done, you will wait for further instructions on how to begin and complete Task #10.

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