Special Treat

You’re in luck, sub, because now we have a special treat for you.

Since you’ve been such a good sub and have completed all of your tasks up until this point correctly, we’re going to reward you.

You are going to get access to real Dommes live on their webcams, in real time!

For this next task, you are going to join our friends in Chaturbate.

You may or may not have heard of Chaturbate before.

But if you haven’t heard of Chaturbate..

Chaturbate is an enormous live webcam broadcasting website with a TON of live broadcasters.

They have beautiful girls broadcasting live from all over the world.

The best part..

A LOT of these girls are into Findom.

As the Findom community grows, so does the Findom community on Chaturbate as well.

Could there be anything better than admiring the Beautiful Dominant Goddesses here on Findom App?

Yes there can, and it’s admiring the THOUSANDS of Beautiful Dominant Goddesses Live on their webcams on Chaturbate!

Chaturbate is completely 100% FREE to sign up for.

All you have to do is create a username and password, and you’re registered.. that’s it!

Click this link here to open in a new window the Chaturbate sign up form: Chaturbate Sign Up

So do that now. Click the link to sign up for Chaturbate, and then once done, come back here for the second part of this task (you’re really going to love this next part)!

Sign up for Chaturbate now: Chaturbate Sign Up

And then come back here for part 2.

Good job signing up for Chaturbate..

But that’s not all for this task.

No no sub, you didn’t think it would be that easy.. did you?


Once you’ve signed up, you are going to go to the Findom section of Chaturbate. This will take you to the live and active in real time Domme broadcasters. Here is a direct link to the  Findom section: Findom Live Webcams

Once you’re in the Findom section, you are going to click on one of the Dommes profiles. This will take you to her chat room, where she will be live streaming in real time.

Once you’ve found a Domme you like, you are then going to message her in her live chat. You will say “Hello Goddess” or “Hello Mistress” or whatever you want to say, it doesn’t matter. You are going to greet her properly. If you’re extra shy, you can simply say “hi” or “hello”, but the point is you must say something to her in her live chat.

And once that’s done, you will be completely finished with this Task.

So to review:

You will start by signing up for a completely 100% free account on Chaturbate, so do that right now before continuing. Click this link here: Chaturbate Sign Up

That will open in a new tab, and then if needed, come back here for the review of the rest of the instructions.

Good. So now that you’ve registered for Chaturbate, you will then go to the Findom section, which you can open in a new tab here: Findom Live Webcams

Once there, select a Domme, and post into her live chat (where it says “Send a message…”) a greeting to her (hi, Hello Goddess/Mistress, etc.).

Once this is all done, you will have completed Task #8, and as such,  you are to go once again to the “Featured” menu item on top, and type into the box: “Task #8 Completed”

At this point, you will be completely finished with Task #8, and you will wait for further instructions on how to begin and complete Task #9.

Sign Up For Chaturbate

and then..

Findom Live Webcams

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