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Very good, sub. You’ve made it to the end of your Unverified Tasks here. But don’t worry sub, we have PLENTY more in store for you now that you’re about to be a Verified Sub here.

What you’re going to do for this last and final task, you are going to purchase 10 Domme Dollars. This will be proof that you are worth of our time and attention. It will be proof that you can follow instructions and properly serve us. It will show that you are dedicated to Findom, and dedicated to serving us Goddesses here on Findom App.

You are going to purchase 10 Domme Dollars. 1 Domme Dollar = 1 US Dollar. In the last task, you set up your Bitcoin wallet. So you have no excuses. 10 Domme Dollars is NOT a big amount whatsoever. It’s just to show us that you’re real, serious about Findom, and serious about taking your Findom journey to the next level. It shows that you have Bitcoin and you know how to use it.

By purchasing 10 Domme Dollars, a few things will happen. You will be added to the “Verified Subs” list. This is going to get you A LOT more attention from the Goddesses here. By being on the Verified Subs list, you are showing the Goddesses here that you are serious about being a sub, and that you are worthy enough to serve them.

You will have unlimited private messaging. Not only will you be added to the Verified Subs list, but you will have unlimited private messaging. This means you can message, voice/video call, send and receive file attachments, etc. with the Goddesses here without restriction.

You’re going to actually be using these 10 Domme Dollars that you purchase, in order to complete your first Verified Task. We have a whole new series of Tasks for you to complete, which starts with the first Verified Task. You are going to love this first Verified task, as it is a lot of fun and you’re just really going to enjoy it.

This process is very simple, you’re going to click the link below for step by step instructions on how to make your Domme Dollars purchase. If at anytime you need any assistance with completing your Domme Dollars purchase, you can always Contact Us for further assistance.

Once your Domme Dollars purchase is complete, you will be a Verified Sub on Findom App, AND you will have access to your first Verified Task, which you are going to really enjoy.

So do this now, sub. Click the button below, follow the instructions, and we’ll see you back here shortly for your first Verified task as a Verified Sub!

Purchase Domme Dollars Now!

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