First, install MetaMask onto your computer browser or mobile phone browser.

Click Here To Install MetaMask


Next, go to Dashboard –> Networks –> Manage in network settings


Next, scroll down to Polygon and select it on


Next, click “Buy”



You should land on this screen:


Don’t worry about the $100 that shows up, you’ll be lowering that in a moment. More importantly take note lower down where “Matic / Polygon Mainnet” is selected.


Next, delete the $100 and enter the amount of your membership + $5 (the $5 extra is just to handle any fees that come up. More than likely you’ll be left with some MATIC left over, which isn’t such a bad thing). So in this example we’ll use the $20 Monthly Membership, so in this case we’ll purchase $25 worth of MATIC (Polygon).



Next, click on “link by Stripe”, which should bring you here:

Then continue..

It might ask you to confirm you device, go ahead and do that.

Then it will ask to confirm your wallet. You should see your “Polygon wallet address” and “MetaMask suggested your wallet.” See an example below:

From there, you’ll be taken to the final payment screen:



At this point, click the blue pay button, which will then take you to purchase processing:



It says it can take up to 10 minutes, but Matic is pretty fast and it will probably only take a few minutes.

Regardless, you’ll have a few more steps to complete, and by the time you’re ready to send it will most likely be in your MetaMask account already. So with that being said, you can leave MetaMask alone for a minute and go back to the Findom App Polygon Payment Page, which should already be open:


From there, click the blue “Upgrade Now” button:


From there, choose your currency as Polygon:

And below that choose your network as Polygon as well:

Then click the blue “Proceed to payment” button:

From there you should see the Payment Screen:

So from here, Desktop vs Mobile will be slightly different (Mobile might be a little bit easier). In this example we’ll show the Desktop version. Will do another demonstration with mobile and try to release that shortly. We’ll show the Desktop example here first and for now we’ll just explain through text here the mobile process.

So for Desktop, open the MetaMask Browser extension:


Click on the blue “Send” button.

Then click on the address under “Send Polygon to this address” to copy it:


Paste it in to the appropriate field on MetaMask:


Next, copy and paste the Matic amount:

Note: If you try to copy the Matic amount and MetaMask disappears from your screen, just repeat again, copy and paste the address, and so you don’t lose your MetaMask on your screen again, just type in the Matic address manually. Type in the full amount including decimals, so in this example you’d type 24.260068


From there click the blue send button, which should take you to the final payment screen:


From there everything looks great. The total amount being sent matches the amount of your membership, which in this example is $20. So now simply click the blue “Confirm” button:

From there you will see the send “Pending”


Polygon moves very fast, so it should only be pending for a few moments. If the network is highly congested there’s a chance that it can be pending for several minutes or longer, so if that happens it’s nothing to worry about. But more than likely this will be confirmed within a minute or less:

From here, in approximately 1 – 2 minutes the screen will switch from the payment screen to a confirmation sequence:

Once you see that, you’re in pretty good shape. Just sit back, relax and wait till the 50 confirmations are finished. It goes quick, probably around 2 minutes to complete. Once 5o confirmations are completed, you should see the successful payment screen:

Feel free if you want to take a screenshot of this Successful Payment screen for your own records, but it’s completely up to you. Either way, from here you can click the green “Return to website” button. That will bring you to the confirmation page:

At this point you are completely finished with the Polygon Payment process, and your account is at that point automatically upgraded. Once again feel free to screenshot or even print that receipt page for your records.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with this process at any point, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Also, as previously mentioned earlier about Mobile. If you’re on a mobile phone and you have the MetaMask App installed, you should be able to press and hold down on the QR Code on the Findom App final payment screen. This should give you an option to “Open in MetaMask.” From there, it should automatically and completely set up the send for you, so you don’t have to manually copy/paste the Polygon address and decimal amount. So if you’re on mobile you can give that a try and of course reach out to us through the contact form if you need any assistance.

And that completes the Polygon Payment process. Feel free to keep this screen open for reference, and at this point you can return to the Membership Page: Domme Membership to select your preferred Membership and complete the Payment Process.

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