Now we're going to work on getting you to receive not only as many sends as possible, but we also want to increase the amount of each send you receive. 

Everyone in Findom has their own unique goals, and so what we can do is assist you in any way that we can in helping you to reach your goals as a Domme here.

As with the first set of Assignments, your participation is completely voluntary. You're welcome to do your own thing. However, we've created this next series of Assignments and Goals as both a guide and tool to help you accomplish everything you want to get out of Findom.

Before we get started, let's talk quickly about a basic outline of what we're going to be getting into with these next Assignments and Goals.

We want you to get into several private messaging interactions with some of the subs here on Findom App. We want you to receive sends. Even just a small Domme Dollars send would be a good start, but we want you to receive much more than that as well.

We want you to receive your Initial Tribute amount. At least once as a first goal, but ultimately on a regular basis. We want you to have set up several different payment methods that will be available for subs of all different types, from all different places who might be using various payment methods to send to you. We don't want you to miss out on earnings because you're not prepared.

Another goal we have for you is to have some sort of list or notepad where you keep your leads, so you can keep track of all of your subs and where they're at in your "Findom Funnel" (Sales Funnel for Findom).

The process as we see it is like this:

1. Initial Interaction

2. Initial Tribute

3. Conversation/Getting to know a little bit about your sub

4. Mild drain

5. More Conversation

6. Total Drain (for that session)

7. Sub Application (You send it to him)

8. Sub Application (He fills it out and sends it back to you along with application fee).

9. More conversation and draining, while simultaneously deciding if you're going to own him and what the terms/contract will look like.

10. Contract formation for the specific sub

11. Contract Review (what the nature of what your interactions will be, how often and what method will he tribute, how much, etc.)

12. Contract Signing (providing the sub with your contract to sign, along with an invoice to make the initial contract payment)

13. A rock solid and very specific plan for how these payments will be made.

14. Repeating this process with several different subs.

15. A system in place that gets new subs and/or at the bare minimum a very consistent flow of potential new subs.

16. How to scale and use your Findom experiences to branch out into other verticals so you can earn completely passive income over the short and long-term.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this section, everyone is going to have their own individual goals. And anything we can do to help you to reach yours, let us know. With that being said, our goal for you in the short and mid-term to get you to maximize your Findom Earnings, and get sends on a very consistent basis. And then our long-term goal for you ultimately is to get you set up for long-term, completely passive income. Years from now, you can be getting checks in the mail, or consistent deposits into your accounts, or crypto into your wallet, all completely passive without having to do anything, and we'll show you exactly how to do it. None of this stuff is hard, it's just hard for everyone to know everything about everything, but not to worry as we look forward to sharing it all with you!

And then, beyond any particular sub:

- How to monetize beyond both Findom and Findom App

- Different affiliate programs for you to join that as a Domme you can use to make extra, passive, backend income off of your subs, long after you're done with them.

- How to get a constant flow of new subs on a very regular basis (new subs all day every day that you can put through your Findom Funnel).

We want to dive in deep to this. This is not necessarily something that's going to happen overnight, but we want you to get the best experience possible from Findom App and Findom in general.

We are constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas, both in tech such as website features, and in technique such as how to approach or not approach, different styles of interacting, etc.

Findom, compared to other ways of making money online is a very active activity that requires you to be online and interacting with subs. But what if you don't feel like it? What if you want to take a few months off? How will you still make money? We're going to work on all of that and set you set up to earn on a very regular basis no matter what.

So with all of this in mind, let's jump into some of these new Assignments and Goals below:

Assignment / Goal #1

Start Messaging

Before we get into messaging, we want to address some misconceptions about messaging, what we mean when we say to message subs first (it's not exactly what you think), and how to use the private messaging system effectively.

There seems to be some back and forth in the Findom community about whether or not a Domme should message a sub first. In the last set of Assignments (Assignment #11) we went over some private messaging techniques. Some have misconstrued that as we are saying you should "approach" a sub first.

To address this, let's first understand the distinction between Findom and Findom App. We make recommendations based on what will get you the best experience on Findom App specifically. So in other words, in general, should a Domme approach a sub first? Maybe, but maybe not, it really depends. We are not saying one way or the other. We're also not saying you should approach at all (more on this in a moment). But what we ARE saying is that on Findom App specifically, a more action oriented approach is going to greatly increase your chances of success here.

The next part of Messaging first vs. not is this idea that a Domme shouldn't "Approach" a sub first. We don't necessarily disagree with that. It COULD come off as needy, desperate, lower value, lower status and sometimes amateur if you approach first. However, our position here is that it doesn't matter if you approach first or not, but rather the frame you set from the beginning of the interaction and how you come across. 

Take two examples, (exaggerated to make a point):

Domme #1 "Approaches" 20 subs in a single night by messaging them first. She's very skilled and experienced, and know's exactly how to get subs turned on, and when she knows they're turned on, then she goes for the send, and she get's it. Out of 20 subs she approaches, 5 respond, and then 1 sub sends to her several times, her initial tribute of $25, then another send of $50, another send of $200, and after enough conversation another send of $500, all of this within a few hours on the same night.

So considering the above example, is it wrong for a Domme to "Approach" first?

Domme #2 is brand new, and hears from other sources that "A Domme should never approach a sub first." So she waits to be approached by a sub, which takes days and weeks, and then finally it happens. Domme #2 has no idea what she's doing, and after waiting several weeks to get approached, and finally getting approached, she asks the sub how he's doing, and he doesn't respond. 

What's the point? The point is that whether or not you should "Approach" a sub first doesn't matter. Once the interaction is started, THAT'S what matters!

The next part.. "Approach." What is that?

What is an approach? If you send someone a message, is that an approach? Is it possible to send a sub a message first, without approaching?

What if you post in the "Featured" section, is that an approach? Or in any of the chat rooms? Those aren't approaches, right?

Just for a moment, why don't we change the word approach to "Appear."

What are you doing in the "Featured" sections and Chat Rooms when you post? If it's not approaching, then why don't we call it.. "Appearing."

In those cases, you are "Appearing" for the subs to see, and that then gives them the opportunity to approach YOU.

So why not take an "Appearance" to the next level, and "Appear" in a private message. This way you get all of the benefits of direct messaging a sub and taking massive action, enormously increasing your opportunity and probability of receiving sends, without ever having to do a single "approach."

Very Basic Examples just for explanation purposes:

Typical Featured Section Post:

I am Goddess _____, and you will worship me and do whatever I say.


Typical First Message Approach:

Hey sub, what are you doing here, how are you doing today, etc.

That sort of typical first message a post can come across amateur, boring, and is probably not you're best chance of getting the results you're truly looking for here.

By putting the Featured section style post in a private message to the sub, you are conveying all of the value you normally would in a Featured post, but there are 2 main differences. 1, it's setting up a situation for the sub to directly respond to you in an easy and obvious way (you're in his inbox, if it's instead in the "Featured" section he might not want to comment publicly, wait for Admin approval on the comment, etc.) And 2, it doesn't come across as needy, amateur, or an "approach." In fact it's quite the opposite. The "message" isn't really a message but it's more like a Featured post. The lack of direct mention and communication to the sub specifically severs any trace of being needy and desperate, which then opens a window for the sub to then approach YOU first (replying back to your first message, or "appearance").

Consider the following example of a Featured post "appearing" in a sub's messages:

You: "I am Goddess ______, and you will worship me and do whatever I say."

(Intriguing picture)

Sub: "Yes Goddess."

Domme Style

Every Domme in Findom has their own style, and you do as well. So we're not going to tell you how to go about Findom in any particular way, that's up to you. We're here to simply just make suggestions based on what we've observed over several years of running a Findom platform where interactions between Dommes and subs are constantly happening all day every day.

Since this particular Assignment / Goal has to do with just the initial message, we're going to focus just on the very beginning of the interactions here. Later we'll go into more detail and dive in deeper into the interactions including leading through drains, contracts, ownership and beyond.

What should you say in the first message?

Do you go in extremely mean and demand a send immediately? Do you go in sweet and nice and ask how their day is going?

So on Findom App, we break this down into 2 possibilities.

We look at the subs profile, and what information is in it. If there is enough information in his profile (bio, username, photos) that give you a reasonable indication of what he's into, then you can use that in your intial interaction with him right of the bat.

So an example of this is if a sub says he loves Dommes who are extremely mean to them, you could right away just get right into it. "Fuck you, loser. Pay me.. NOW!"

Here's where Dommes put a lot of effort in, and get poor results, is when you do the example above, but minus the profile information where the sub says he's into that. But what if you do that to a sub who's looking for a Domme who's nice and sweet, and he just want's a nice girl to spoil? Well you definitely just lost him if you do the above approach.

This leads to the second option, which is go in neutral, and mildly different (we'll explain in a second). Then, once the interaction is relatively cemented (nothing major but he responds at least once or twice or shows mild interest), then you can transition into a Findom dynamic. If he responds positively to you taking the conversation in a Findom direction, THEN you have him. Then it's time for a drain, and THAT is the time to go in hard, aggressive, demand he sends you everything he's got, etc.

What are some ways to go in neutral?


"Hi, how are you?"

"How's your day going?"

The problem is these are neutral, and while in our opinion these are better than "Fuck you loser pay me" (unless his profile suggests he's looking for that), the above first messages are boring, and generic. The other problem is if you get too creative, that's starting to appear a little desperate, and it can typically come out a bit odd. 

So what's the solution here?

We suggest neutral, and mildly different, with a hint of arousal, and a very small hint of Findom. 

"Hey look, another sub here. I've seen you online before. You must love looking at all us Beautiful Goddess, don't you, little sub?"

It's slightly edgy but scaled back, pending the transition to Findom and later a hard drain.

Let's recap our formula and then review the example.

Neutral, mildly different, with a hint of arousal, and a very small hint of Findom.

"Hey look (neutral), another sub here. I've seen you online before (mildly different compared to "hey" or "how are you"). You must love looking at all of us Beautiful (hint of arousal) Goddesses (hint of arousal with very small hint of Findom), don't you, little sub? (hint of Findom)

Let's dive into this a little deeper..

Before you message, and while your writing your message, think about the sub's perspective. What would make him respond to you? There's a lot of money to be made here, so it's worth it to put some thought into this. 

Other Examples

The intent of this message is to show dominance over the sub, and also give yourself the best set up for getting a reply back. 

"Hey there little sub, I'm Goddess/Mistress ____________.  Just to be clear, I am the one in control now. Do you understand me, sub? If you're lucky, and if you're a really good sub, I will own you and make you my slave. I'm going to have complete control over your every move. But again, only if you're worthy." 

This sets up a challenge and leaves the interaction open ended with more to explore, increasing the likelihood of a response. Too many Dommes just demand an initial tribute immediately. If you get it, that's great, but if you don't, the interaction is pretty much finished right there and then. That could be a huge mistake. We like to give subs a hoop to jump through and it gives the interaction the opportunity to move forward in a way that gives you the control and leaves the sub intrigued and wondering what's going to happen next.

So something you can try is you can send that first message, and then send an intriguing/sexy picture of yourself (optional but recommended). Not TOO sexy or intriguing, just enough to get attention but not like you're giving away anything for free nor like you're giving him more than he deserves, which is very little, especially at this early stage in the interaction. This could even be a good opportunity for a blurry pixelated photo with a comment to go along with it saying how he could never get with you, nor is he worthy enough to see a sexy photo of you, but rather this pixelated blurry photo is all he's allowed to see, but you do give him permission to respond.

And then the last and final message in this particular sequence will be your call to action:

"You like what you see, sub? (assuming you sent a regular non-pixelated photo) Haha, of course you do. I'm perfect, and you're just.. _______ (insert insult here or even just leave it blank after the .., sort of insinuating the sub is so low he's not even worthy enough for you to give him an insult).

Anyway, message me back sub, I have plenty more in store for you. And don't you even think about keeping me waiting, " (you can add a vague or specific punishment here, or you can command him to talk to only you and not to any other Domme, or simply end after "waiting").

The above is a very rough template, and you're welcome to use it if you're struggling for a first introduction. There are many schools of thought on Findom techniques, how to approach subs (if at all.. many Dommes insist on not approaching subs at all).

Other Dommes might say 3 separate messages to start is a little too try hard or desperate. Our observations are that some level of persistence is necessary in order to cut through other Dommes who the subs might be interacting with. Appearing desperate, amateur or "try-hard" is going to be more so in the content of what you write and less in the consistency. In theory, you could write a whole paragraph (not recommended) and give off a vibe that you're completely aloof while on the other end of the spectrum you could write one word and look amateur and desperate. It's an exaggerated example but you get the point.

The above demonstrates our take on Findom and some of our Findom technique and the way we look at Findom interactions that get the best and most consistent results. On Findom App we take a very dominant, aggressive and action oriented approach. 

A few other points on messaging..

Don't assume anything you don't know for sure about the sub. If the sub has content in their profile (a certain photo, username, bio, etc.) that reveals something about what they're into, then sure you can play off of that. So if a sub says in their bio that they love mean Dommes and want to get bullied, fine. But if you don't have the proper information, we recommend going in more neutral at first, until you can determine what the sub is into and you can play off of that. For example, if the sub wants a softer Domme and he's here to find Dommes to spoil, going in and being extremely mean to him and telling him he's a small dick loser might not be the best approach right off the bat.

Also, balance and adapt your approach. If you go in neutral, and then decide to get really mean, and he seems to respond less and less, or not be into it, adapt, and change things up. Another mistake Dommes make is they double down and get even meaner (or whatever it is the sub is not responding well to) and eventually the sub stops responding all together. If something isn't working, change it up. Persistence is good when something is working, and you just need that extra push. Persistence is NOT good when something isn't working. Definitely learn to calibrate the differences and adjust your approach and interactions accordingly. 

Always remember that you are the one leading these interactions, not the sub. Once you've gotten control over the interaction and gotten the proper amount of compliance from the sub, you can then take the interaction in any direction to any place you want, which of course in this Findom context here means moving the interaction towards $$$.

And with that, let's move on to the Assignment.


For this Assignment, you are going to private message 5 Verified Subs. Send at least one private message each to 5 different Verified Subs . ANY message will do. Theoretically, if you wanted to just say "hi" 5 times, you could. But ideally it would be crafted in a more advanced way, and of course you're welcome to build off of or even use directly some of the examples above.

So send a private message to 5 different Verified Subs.

Again, you're welcome to use any Findom style or technique you'd like, but to complete this Assignment, all you have to do is send 5 first messages to 5 different Verified Subs.

And that is it for this Assignment.

If you've completed any or all of this on your own previously, that is fine, you can skip ahead to the "Goal" section below.

But if not, then do this now.

Once you are done with this, go to the "Goal" section below.


The goal of this Assignment is to have at least one sub approach you. Now this actually does not have to be one of the 5 subs you messaged (it could be). It could be any sub on the entire site, all you need is for one sub to approach you in a private message (friend requests don't count) in order to reach this goal.

Also, if you want to send out more than 5 messages, of course you're welcome and even encouraged to do so.

But in order to complete this Assignment, send 5 private messages to 5 Verified Subs, and then for the Goal of this Assignment, get approached by one sub (any sub).

And that's it for this Assignment and Goal.

This particular Assignment / Goal doesn't involve money just yet, but we will get to that very soon, don't worry. 

So the Assignment is separate from the Goal in terms of completing it (in other words, once you send the 5 messages, you can complete the Assignment by filling out the form below, even if you're goal of receiving 1 message from 1 sub hasn't been met yet).

The Assignment is more so in your control, it's action that you can take, and as such, once you've sent 5 private messages to 5 Verified Subs, you will have completed this Assignment, and you can submit your completion below.

The Goal of this Assignment of getting one sub to approach you might happen quickly, or it might not happen immediately. That is fine. If necessary, allow a little bit of time to reach Assignment #1's Goal.

And that is it for this first Assignment and Goal.

If you've completed any or all of this on your own previously, that is fine, you can skip any of this that you've already done and submit your completion below.

But if not, then do this now.

Once you are done with this, you are going to enter your Findom App username below, check the box and submit.

At this point, you will be completely finished with this new Assignment and Goal #1.

Enter your Findom App username above.
I have completed this first New Assignment by sending private messages to 5 different Verified Subs.
Have you been approached via private message by at least one sub here on Findom App?

Assignment #2

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Assignment #3

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Assignment #4

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Assignment #5

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Assignment #6

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Assignment #7

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Assignment #8

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