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If you want to send us private messages, you will have to demonstrate your willingness to please us.

We only allow dedicated subs to approach us.

If you decide to become our dedicated sub..

You will first be under the control of several Goddesses all at the same time.

This way we can get to know you better and see how good of a sub you can be for us.

You will approach correctly, obey our every command, and you will serve us in any way we see fit.

You will then submit to one Goddess who will take complete ownership of you, and be in complete control of everything you do and your every move at all times.

This is that next level, long-term and extremely intense submissive experience you've been looking for.

You won't find anything like this anywhere else.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that you obey our every command.

Do you understand us so far, sub?

Good boy.

If you want to become our sub, you will submit our Initial Tribute of $20.

You will continue to submit this Tribute once per month, every month for as long as you are our sub.

Don’t worry sub.. our billing is discreet, and you can cancel at any time.. so you have no excuses.

Once you submit our initial tribute, you will then be able to send private messages to every Goddess on the entire site.

You will then officially be our sub, and we will have a series of tasks for you to complete.

This will demonstrate our complete and total power over you, and give you the opportunity to display your true dedication and devotion to serving us.

Now, don't keep your Goddesses waiting.. we have a lot in store for you.

So be a good sub, click the button below to check out with PayPal to make it official, and remember to approach correctly.

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