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The Hidden Gem of Findom!

We’re glad that you’ve decided to join us as a Domme here on Findom App!

Findom App is designed to assist you in every way possible to earn as much as possible as a Domme here.

This includes every aspect of the Findom process, from A-Z, and exploring the ins and outs of Findom in such a way that gets you the absolute best results possible.

Findom App is a great home base. It’s a great start, and it’s a great place to come back to for incredible immediate and long-term success.

We also have a ton of new features in the works. We’re always innovating and coming up with new ideas, and we’re excited to share everything with you and have you with us for the long-term.

We’re constantly keeping up to date with everything that’s happening with Findom and the Findom community. We look at the totality of resources available, very much including but not completely limited to Findom App.

And so there’s one place in particular that is an INCREDIBLE supplement to Findom App, so much so that we’ve named it: “The Hidden Gem of Findom.”

It’s incredible how rarely (if ever) anyone in the Findom community talks about this one resource that has the potential to blow your results through the roof, instantly! This one idea alone is going to get you access to brand new subs in real time with unbelievable consistency.

This is a place where there are literally so many subs online at any given moment, you could barely even interact with 1% of them who are online.

Not only that, but in this hidden gem you will find financial “proof” of a subs spending capabilities. You can tell which subs have not spent any money at all. You can tell which subs have money, but have not spent it. You can tell which subs have spent a little bit of money, a moderate amount, and a large amount of money. Not only that, but in certain cases you can actually see these subs spending money in real time, and a lot of these subs spend BIG.

You can message these subs immediately, and have them send to you instantly.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to tell you where this place is, so it’s your loss..


We’re going to tell you right now..

So the #1 Hidden Gem of Findom has to go to our friends in Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is an unbelievable Hidden Gem, that is an outrageously incredible platform to earn money on as a Domme.

A few things before we go into more detail..

Chaturbate is an adult webcam streaming website. However, you DO NOT need to broadcast on webcam in order to earn money as a Domme on Chaturbate. So if you’re thinking.. “no, I don’t want to be a webcam model”.. you don’t have to be.. at all.

Chaturbate was started in 2011, and it is not geared specifically towards Findom. So why are we calling it the “Hidden Gem” of Findom?

So where should we begin?

Should we start by talking about the literally millions+ of men per day who go on Chaturbate to send money to women?

Or should we talk about how the Chaturbate demographic of men have significant amounts of money to spend, many of them being doctors, lawyers and other business professionals?

Should we talk about how you can see exactly whos online in real time, and what their spending history is, all color coded for you to make instant and accurate decisions about how worthy any one sub is?

Or should we get into how even though Chaturbate wasn’t initialy made as a Findom website (unlike Findom App here of course) the Findom community on Chaturbate is expanding so rapidly, it’s only a matter of time before it takes over their whole platform?

Or should we mention that it is completely 1,000,000% free for you to sign up and get started?

Or should we talk about how you can use the Chaturbate Affiliate Program to make completely never ending passive income for yourself lasting consistently into the next months, years and even decades?


Why don’t we just jump right in to how it works.

So after you sign up for Chaturbate, start by going to the main homepage, and then click on the “Women” tab.

Below the tabs, you’ll see a bunch of hashtags representing different categories.


Oh look, what is the very first hashtag that appears?

It’s #findom


Because the same way the Findom community really started blowing up on Twitter over the last few years, it is now taking over Chaturbate, and you are amongst the community Dommes who are here to lead the way!

So then click on the #findom hashtag, with the “Women” tab still enabled, and you are going to be taken to a filtered broadcaster page with a list of all girls webcam models who have included the #findom hashtag in their chatrooms.

Next, choose the top room.

So for privacy reasons, we’re not going to show the actual Domme who is broadcasting, but we do want to make a few points.

At the time of writing, the top Findom room as 254 active viewers online.

Now keep in mind, this is the top “Findom” room. The top rooms on Chaturbate can surpass 10,000 active online viewers at any given time. We’ll get to that in due time, but let’s start with the Findom section with hundreds of users online first, before we start exploring how to take advantage of 10’s of thousands of subs all at once.

So let’s recap for a second..

We now have one room, with 254 active online users in it (anytime a user leaves the room, goes offline, x’s out of the page, etc. the number would decrease. So 254 is the number of people who are truly online at that exact moment).

These viewers are all men, and they’re all into Findom.

And this is just in one room!

Let that sink in for a second..

… (Sinking in.. for a second..) …

Okay, can this get any better?

Sure it can!

Let’s keep exploring..

Let’s click on the “Users” tab..

Whoah, alright hold on.

The list of subs online is so long it doesn’t even fit in one screenshot.

And also what’s with all the different colors, what does each color mean?

And why does it say 308 users, weren’t there “only” 254 just a few moments ago?

And some of these usernames..

locked.. sissy.. impotent.. cuckold..

These seem Findom related.

Are all of these guys real subs, who are into Findom, and online right this second?

And do the colors indicate they’ve spent money within the last 2 weeks?

Is this really possible?

We already told you this is the Hidden Gem of Findom, did we not?

Let’s explore further..

So on Findom App, we have Domme Dollars history, which gives you insights into the specific spending habits of the subs here on Findom App using Domme Dollars.

So Chaturbate shows this information a bit differently. They use color codes based on recent time frames. So not only can you see a sub’s spending habbits, but its narrowly shown throughout the last 2 weeks, so it gives you HUGE insights into who the biggest spenders are right now in real time.

Let’s take a look at some examples..

So at the top of the list, you’ll find the dark purple users:

These are the users who Chaturbate labels as “Tipped Tons” which is 1000+ tokens in the past 2 weeks.

So not only are these the biggest spenders on Chaturbate, but they’re into Findom, and they’re online RIGHT NOW (at whatever moment you’re viewing them in the chat room).

The next group of users who show up right beneath the dark purple are the light purple users:

These are the users who Chaturbate labels as “Tipped Lots” which is 250+ tokens in the past 2 weeks.

And by the way, all these different groups are together starting with all of the dark purple at the very top, all of the light purple right under, etc.

The next group of users who show up right beneath the light purple are the blue users:

These are the users who Chaturbate labels as “Tipped Recently” which is 50+ tokens in the past 2 weeks.

The next group of users who show up right beneath the blue users are the light blue/teal users:

These are the users who Chaturbate labels as “Purchased Tokens.” So basically these subs have money, they’ve bought tokens with this money, but they haven’t actually sent anything yet.

And then last, and most certainly least..

All the way at the bottom are the grey users:


These are the losers. The broke subs with no money. The ones to ignore, to block, to not talk to because they don’t have any money.

Avoid the greys, they’re not worth your time. They haven’t demonstrated that they have money and are willing to spend it. They’re the lurkers, the cowards, the broke losers to avoid at all costs.

And so with all of this information, with all these lists of subs color coded by spending habits, then what do you do?

Message them!

Send them a private message and take complete control over them. Go through your usual Findom techniques/routine.

If you’re experienced with Findom, you’ll know exactly what to do and say to get these subs to start sending to you.

And if you’re brand new to Findom, not to worry at all. On Findom App we cover everything you need to get started in the Getting Started/Assignments section. Some of the later Assignments dive deeper into Findom technique, so if you’re currently going through the Assignments, keep going!

But anyway, that is Chaturbate, the #1 Ultimate Hidden Gem of Findom.

It is completely free to get started, and not only that, it’s really fast too. You can be draining subs within minutes of reading this.

So click the link below to sign up for Chaturbate now.

Also, if you feel comfortable on Chaturbate and later down the line you want to put up content for sale, or even broadcast yourself (no nudity required at all, especially for Findom), you can absolutely do that and we’ll be coming out with future guides just like this one on how to use Chaturbate to sell content, broadcast (in particular how to maximize earnings while broadcasting), and how to use the Chaturbate Affiliate Program for long-term passive income.

But anyway, if you haven’t already, definitely do this now, and click the link below to sign up for Chaturbate. It’s quick, easy and completely 100% free to sign up right now!

Click Here To Sign Up For Chaturbate Right Now!

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