Friend Again

For this next Assignment, you are going to go to the “Unverified Subs” list, and you are going to add the 10 most recently logged in Unverified Subs as a friend. 

The most recently logged in subs move to the top of the list. So start with the first sub, click on his profile, and then click on the blue “Add Friend” button right under his username. Then, go back to the Unverified Subs list and repeat with the next sub, and do this for the 10 most recently logged in Unverified Subs.

Make sure to keep track somehow, you can keep a tally with pen and paper or use an app on your phone, but make sure to do this 10 times by adding the top 10 Unverified Subs as friends. 

Just like one of the previous assignments where you added the most recently logged in Verified Subs as friends, this is also an important step that will help you generate leads, and can lead to future interactions that you can highly benefit from.

Unverified Subs can later Get Verified. Also, Unverified Subs could be potentially good Finsubs for you, and they could have plenty of money and be willing to spend it on Findom, but are not getting Verified here for a variety of reasons. This could be that they are brand new and haven’t figured out how everything works here yet, or perhaps they are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, or maybe they are true non action taking lurkers, however they will respond and obey you if you lead and command them properly.

The point is that even if a Sub is not yet Verified, it can still benefit you to reach out to them, and adding them as friends is the first step in doing that.

And that is it for this Assignment. Simply add the 10 most recently logged in Unverified Subs as friends.

If you’ve completed any or all of this on your own previously, that is fine, you can skip any of this that you’ve already done and submit your completion below (see below).

But if not, then do this now.

Add the top 10 Unverified Subs as friends.

Once you are done with this, you are going to enter your Findom App username below, check the box and submit.

At this point, you will be completely finished with Getting Started Assignment #9, and you will wait for further instructions on how to begin and complete Assignment #10.

Enter your Findom App username above.
I have completed this 9th Assignment by adding the Top 10 Unverified Subs as Friends.

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