Private Messaging and Draining Techniques

We want to go over some of what we’ve observed over the years about Findom interactions in general, but more specifically Findom interactions on Findom App, in particular when it comes to private messaging interactions.

To start, the private messenger has a lot of helpful features such as text messages, read receipts, audio messages, file attachments for media (pics/videos) a blocking feature, voice calls and video calls.

Lead the interaction from the beginning and throughout it’s entirety. Subs are submissive. They’re not alpha, they’re not leaders, they don’t take control. That’s you’re role.

Many Dommes go into a private messaging interaction with subs, and end up with nothing. It’s because they don’t take the lead, they don’t take control, they don’t follow up, and probably worse of all, they don’t command.

Many interactions fizzle out because the Domme doesn’t command the sub to send.

On the flip side, some Dommes do too much too early. They demand the send immediately, before the sub has had time to even decide if he wants to persue a Findom interaction with you.

Take advantage of the messaging system we have here and separate yourself from the rest.

Consider the following:

Domme “A” has a profile on here, and she just waits for subs to message her. Just think about what kind of results she would get from here.

Domme “B” goes to the most recently active subs (both Verified and also Unverified) and when they’ve recently been online or even better yet while they’re online in real time (signaling for sure the sub is currently in a submissive state) Domme “B” sends an introductory text message, a photo, and a voice message.

Who is going to get sends, and who is going to get absolutely nothing? Domme “A” might get sends sporatically over a long period of time if she signs in frequently enough. However Domme “B” is going to get sends VERY frequently, and in significant amounts.

Another issue is knowing when to persist, but also knowing when to move on so you don’t waste your time.

Consider this, you’re speaking to a Verified Sub, and he says he’s broke. Don’t accept that. Verified Subs have money, that’s how they made it to the Verified Subs list. Don’t accept that he’s broke, and continuously persist until you get him to send to you.

Alternatively, let’s say you’re in an interaction with an Unverified Sub, and he’s acting dumb and you get the feeling he truly is broke or is just playing games, etc. Block him and move on.

Let the interaction play out naturally, BUT also move things along effectively.

Consider the following interaction structure:

Text Message:

“Hey there sub, what are you doing here?” (alt: , what are you up to? , what do you think you’re doing here?)

(You send a photo)

Voice message: “Message me back sub, I have something more I want to show you”

Intrigued by the photo and voice message, as you’ve stood out from most other Dommes, he messages you back:

Sub: “Hello Goddess, You’re Beautiful Goddess, etc.”

You: “No no sub, that’s not how you approach a Goddess properly, now is it sub?”

Voice Message: Send me _____ to my _____.

Send me $20 to my Cash App to take care of my initial tribute, and do it now, I want to get to controlling you as soon as possible.”

And if the sub is holding Domme Dollars, without question demand that he sends you his entire Domme Dollars balance immediately, before the interaction goes any further.

The point is, Dommes tend to either not go for the send at all, or they go for the send too early before offering enough value. First send a message, photo and voice message, and then when the sub responds, THEN you got him.

Consider the following interaction structure:

You message first.

He responds.

You demand your initial tribute.

He sends.

At this point, a lot of Dommes will go for the sub application immediately. Relax for a second. Exchange some conversation and interaction. Not too much. Just a little bit, and then go for a drain. At this point, you should be going for an extended drain, with the goal of draining him of everything he’s got in that moment.

At the end of this drain, when he assures you he has nothing left, and you believe him, then you can finish the interaction by sending him your sub application. This is a great way to finish the interaction so you don’t have to waste your time with him if he’s completely drained for the time being, but you can give him your sub application and invoice (more on invoices later) so that when he’s ready he can fill out your application and pay the invoice.

Once the sub application is sent to you along with the fee, you can review it, and if you think it’s a good fit, you can draw up a contract (more on contracts later as well).

Here you will set up the frame and dynamic of what your interactions will be like, set boundries, etc. You can also agree on certain terms, how often you will interact, how often he will send to you (Monthly, Weekly, Daily). You can lay out rules regarding what you expect from him, what he must do to serve you and keep you satisfied, and what reprocussions/punishments he will face if he doesn’t obey you and follow the rules laid out in the contract at all times.

Our goal here for you is to have these interactions, earn these tributes and application fees, drain subs on a regular basis, and get them into contracts and situations where you own them on a regular basis. We want you to have not one or two, but several owned subs who will obey you and do whatever you say and who you have complete control over at all times.

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