Now that you’ve upgraded your membership here, you now have access to all 12 of the first series of Assignments all at once. This way you can do them at your own pace, and you can refer back to them anytime if needed!

So to access all 12 Assignments of the first series, and if you’re on a mobile device, next to this menu item you’re currently on (“First Assignments)” you should see a “+” sign, if you click on that it should expand the menu, and you should have access to all of the first series of Assignments #1-12. In this case, select whichever Assignment you’d like to complete or review) and you will be able to access every Assignment from that new menu.

If you’re on Desktop, there is a way to hover over “Getting Started” to access this new menu with all the Assignments listed. We’ve had some users report having trouble with that feature, and so if you’re on Desktop and the hover doesn’t work well, you can narrow your screen temporarily to look like a mobile screen, and then repeat the steps above to get the menu (once you’re on the Assignment page, you can expand your screen again).

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