Findom (the shortened version of “Financial Domination”) is a sub-community within the BDSM community that describes a Dom/sub relationship where the sub “financially” submits to the Dom. Findom in general can be done between any combination of people, genders, sexualities (male, female, trans, etc.). Findom App tends to focus for the most part exclusively on female Dommes and male subs, however we expect a wider range of possibilities to unfold over time.

Typically in a Findom interaction, the male sub approaches the female Domme (sometimes only after receiving permission from the Domme to approach). Typically (but not necessarily always), the sub is required to offer a tribute (in the form of money) to the Domme in order to begin the interaction. This tribute shows the Domme that he is potentially worthy enough to financially “serve” her, and it is a good initial indicator that he has the financial means to do so.

After the initial tribute, a conversation ensues where the Domme and sub learn more about each other and discuss interests, kinks, boundaries and so on. The Domme at some point might invite the sub to apply to be owned by her. This is sometimes done by the sub filling out a “sub application.” Sub applications typically have application fees, and are reviewed by the Domme to see if she feels the sub who is applying would make a good long-term sub. If so, a contract is formed (this could be legally binding or not, and the terms either specifically written out or verbally agreed upon). 

Typically these contracts can include regular tributes to the Domme, as well as specific tasks that need to be completed by the sub at the Dommes request. The idea is for the Domme to constantly be in control, and consistently demonstrate her Dominance and Power over the sub in general, and more specifically over the sub's finances.

Findom App

When you sign up for Findom App, you will be directed to your own personal profile, where you can upload a photo, fill in profile fields and a biography field to describe yourself and what you’re looking for. You will have the option to display whether you are a Domme or sub, and you will eventually be categorized into one of the two categories and listed accordingly on the site. 

For subs, we have a series of tasks for you to complete to show you are worthy of being a “Finsub.” Tasks allow you to demonstrate your submissiveness to the Dommes on Findom App and completing them prepares you for what’s in store for you when you get yourself into a long-term Findom relationship.

For Dommes, we have a lot of very helpful features that are designed to assist you as a Domme. You will be able to list all of your payment methods, describe yourself and what you're looking for, and access a list of subs who are “Financially Verified”, meaning they have money and have spent some of it on Findom.

Inside Findom App you will find a “Featured” section where you can create posts for the community to see, community chat rooms, and our own website currency called “Domme Dollars.” Domme Dollars can be earned through the completion of tasks, transferred between members and cashed out for real currency any time. 

When you register for Findom App, you will automatically have 1 Domme Dollar added to your profile. You will then have the opportunity to earn 3 more Domme Dollars right away. 1 For uploading a profile photo, 1 for uploading a cover photo, and 1 for creating a featured post. So that’s a total of 4 Domme Dollars you can potentially earn, just for signing up!

So if you’re ready to join our Findom community, click the button below to register now, and we’ll see you inside!

Approach. Worship. Obey.

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