Hey, welcome to Findom App!

Findom App is here to assist you with earning as much as possible as a Domme.

The features here are set up and designed specifically for Findom.

This is not your typical social media app for everyone, where only some people use it for Findom.

This is Findom App.

Everyone is here for Findom.

We’re here to make sure that subs are sending, and that they know their place beneath us.

We’re here to take complete control over every single sub’s finances, and we will not stop until they are all drained completely!

Our goal here is to find, train and drain as many subs as possible, of as much money as possible.

As Dommes, WE are superior, and they are inferior to us.

Subs don’t deserve our time, they don’t deserve our attention..

And they certainly don’t deserve their own money.

In fact, it’s no longer their money..

It’s OUR money.

We are here to drain these subs of every last penny they have..

Until they are literally left with NOTHING.

One of our main goals here on Findom App is to constantly find massive amounts of new subs to bring onto the platform here.

And once they get here, then what?

We put them through a rigorous training..

A series of tasks that they have to complete.

These tasks train them to be submissive.

These tasks train them to send.

These tasks train them to follow orders, to serve, to..

Approach, Worship and Obey.

We reiterate to them again and again how worthless and pathetic they are, and how perfect and superior we are.

Findom App is designed for you to use to give yourself the fullest advantage possible in Findom.

You have complete control over your experience here.

You decide your initial tribute amount.

You decide your application fees.

You decide which subs are worthy enough to serve you.

You decide who messages you or who get’s instantly BLOCKED.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to explore your dominant side.

Or maybe you just want to make a ton of money and have your luxury lifestyle completely funded by a sub.

Maybe you’re brand new to this. New to Findom, new to being a Domme..

Or maybe instead you’re more advanced.

Maybe you already know all about Findom and you have years of experience.

Either way, as a Domme..

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced..

Findom App is the #1 place for you to do Findom.

Our list of subs is extensive, and each sub is clearly categorized based on Verification status as well as where they are at in their Task completion at any given time.

These subs are not the typical broke losers you might have come across previously.

A lot of these subs have their life and their finances completely together.

But it’s just.. they just can’t help it, they can’t resist this overwhelming desire to serve, to submit.. to send.

These subs are ready, willing and eager to serve you.

Through tasks they demonstrate their willingness to serve, and their ability to follow our instructions.

Once they have been financially Verified, these subs are put through an even more rigorous set of tasks.

This new set of tasks forces them into total submission with larger sends and they are much more difficult to complete.

Eventually, our goal here is to set you up with an entire group of subs that you will take complete control and ownership over.

Your owned subs will worship you endlessly, obey your every command, and they will send to you on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

If you’re looking to take complete control over a submissive..

If you’re looking to take your dominance, lifestyle and finances to the next level..

Then you are certainly in the right place.

Findom App has had a lot of time and work put into it’s development, but we’ve only just scratched the surface of what our true potential here is.

We are a group of Dommes on a mission..

To find and train as many subs as possible..

And drain them of EVERYTHING they’ve got!

So how exactly does Findom work?

How does Findom App work?

There are a lot of nuances here.

On Findom App, you will find different member categories, different sections of the platform, different features..

Some of the features here are right in front of you, but some are also hidden so you might not realize they are available to you.

We want to assist you in any way we can to earn as much as possible as a Domme here on Findom App.

We’re going to help get you set up here to maximize your earning potential.

There is no shortage of money on this planet, and so the amounts you can make here are literally endless!

But you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them.

We’re going to show you exactly what to do and how to get started.

We will cover everything from setting up your profile, hidden features, Domme Dollars, tasks, lead generation, how to know where subs are at in their task progression, how to view a subs Domme Dollars history and spending habits, how to create your own personal sub application and contract, how to generate custom invoices to send to subs to make sending to you quick and easy, how to maximize earnings both on and off the platform, how to use the affiliate program to create completely passive income and much, much more!

So are you ready to get started?

Show Me Step-By-Step How To Get Started!

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Skip Ahead and Start Draining Subs Right Now!

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