Approach. Worship. Obey.

We are Dominant Goddesses, and you will worship us as such.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Domme. Domme was created in January 2024. Domme is an ERC-20 Token on Polygon Mainnet.

So what is Domme exactly? Sure, it’s a cryptocurrency token, but it’s also MUCH more beyond that. Okay, but what is the purpose of the token? And that logo is..

Wait, is this another one of those “meme” coins? Is this serious? Is there a real project behind this? Is there a community behind this? And what is “Findom” anyway?

You might be wondering why you’re on a website called Findom App. If you’re here to learn more about a cryptocurrency token called “Domme”, don’t worry. You’re certainly in the right place.

What is Findom App and how does it relate to Domme Token? What is going on here?”

Let’s find out.


To understand Domme Token, let’s first take a look at “Findom.”

Findom is short for “Financial Domination.” Financial Domination is a practice that takes place primarily online. Findom is an interaction between a “Domme” and “sub.” Domme/sub or D/s interactions are not new, nor are they unique to Findom. Findom is a niche within the BDSM community that focuses on the power exchange between a Domme and sub via the sub’s finances. In other words, the Domme “financially dominates” the sub.

There are many different types of people who participate in Findom and roles can vary. However, we are going to be very general in this explanation so that in case you’re new to Findom, you can get a basic understanding of how it plays out.

Typically in a Findom interaction, there is a female Domme, and a male sub. The Domme’s role is to essentially take complete control over the sub. This includes but is not limited to taking complete control over the sub’s finances. While Findom can and does deviate from just finances, the central theme of Findom is centered around money exchange. As a display of her dominance and power over her sub, the Domme will instruct her sub to send her money, and the sub will obey her commands.

Typically in a Findom interaction, the sub approaches the Domme (sometimes only after receiving permission from the Domme to approach). Often, the sub is required to offer a tribute to the Domme in order to begin the interaction. You’ll see this typically labeled as an “Initial Tribute.” This tribute shows the Domme that the sub is potentially worthy enough to “serve” her, and it is a good initial indicator that he has the means to do so. Another way to put this is that the initial tribute demonstrates or proves that the sub is serious about entering into a Findom interaction with the Domme.

After the initial tribute, a conversation ensues where the Domme and sub learn more about each other and discuss interests, needs, boundaries and so on. The Domme at some point might invite the sub to “apply” to be owned by her. This is sometimes done by the sub filling out a “Sub Application.” The Sub Application is then reviewed by the Domme to see if she feels the sub who is applying would make a good long-term sub. If so, a contract is formed.

*Fun Fact*: The “App” in “Findom App” actually comes from the community term “Sub Application” (the App in “Application”) rather than from App as in a web or mobile app (such as is the case in the popular mobile applications Cash App and WhatsApp). The goal of Findom App and the way it’s been designed is essentially as one big Sub Application that takes a sub from the initial tribute process, through the Sub Application and into ownership.

Typically these contracts can include regular tributes to the Domme (daily, weekly, monthly), as well as specific tasks that need to be completed by the sub at the Domme’s request. The idea is for the Domme to consistently be in control, and constantly demonstrate her Dominance and Power over the sub. That, explained in a very basic way, is what Findom is and how a Findom interaction plays out.

The Findom Community

The Findom Community is what some might consider a niche underground community. However, make no mistake. This is a very powerful and large underground community. The community has been around for a very long time, and the rate at which it is growing is astronomical.

Take the Findom Community on X (formerly Twitter) for example:

Findom Most Recent X Posts

We encourage you to visit the link.

*Note: If on mobile, you might need to click “Latest” on the top menu to see specifically what we’re referring to here.*

**Other Note: This is sometimes glitchy on Desktop. If so, go to the X App on your phone –> search –> findom –> latest**

Regardless of how you get to it..

Take note of how often a new Findom post is created.

Is it every few minutes? Once an hour?


Try.. Every second.

Every 1-4 seconds there is a new Findom post from a different Domme or sub.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Findom Most Recent X Posts

If you go ask a bunch of random people on the street: “Have you heard of Findom?” Or.. “Do you know what Findom is?” you will get a lot of “No.” and.. “What is Findom?”

While this community may still be considered “underground,” the passion and dedication on both the Domme and sub sides is truly remarkable, and simply something that cannot be ignored.

In fact, we were so convinced of all of this, that we decided to take Findom and the Findom Community to the next level.

Findom App

Findom App is a social media and money transfer web application for Dommes and subs to connect. Findom App was created in response to the rapidly growing Findom community on Twitter, combined with the lack of Features that would be helpful to Dommes and subs in a Findom interaction, as well as a lack of acceptance from Twitter at the time (and to this day).

It was March 2021. Even back then there were Findom posts on Twitter every 1-4 seconds. But there were some problems.

Findom accounts were getting banned. It wasn’t just once in a while, it was all of the time. Twitter would find out a Domme was practicing/promoting Findom on her profile, and they would permanently suspend her account. This would be quite frustrating after spending years gaining tens of thousands of followers, just to have it all taken away in a split second.

Twitter wasn’t designed for Findom. How could a Domme find subs and vice versa? There was no list of Dommes, no list of subs.

There was no structured way of making money. There were no chat rooms, no affiliate program, no entertaining content, no tools to help Dommes get started, no tasks to complete.. you get the idea.

And so in the spring of 2021..

Findom App was born.

Findom App is designed specifically for Findom.

When someone who is interested in Findom signs up for Findom App, they are directed to their own personal profile, where they can upload a photo, fill in profile fields and a biography field to describe themselves and what they’re looking for. During registration, they can choose from 5 different categories: Domme, Sub, Switch, Femsub and Dom and each user is categorized and listed as per their choice upon registration.

For Dommes, we have a lot of very helpful features that are designed to assist Dommes to earn as much as possible on Findom App. Dommes are able to list all of their payment methods, describe themselves and what they’re looking for, and access a list of subs who are “Financially Verified”, meaning they have spent money on Findom.

We also have an extensive set of tools to help Dommes get started on Findom App. We put together a series of Assignments that essentially take Dommes on a “tour” of Findom App. The Assignments cover Findom App basics (such as setting up their profile) as well as Findom basics (such as how to “drain” subs, Findom techniques, etc.). The Assignments are somewhat geared towards beginners and Dommes who are newer to Findom, however, they are detailed and extensive enough to the point where even advanced Dommes have reported getting value out of them. The first series of Assignments consists of 12 Assignments total, and we recently launched a new series of Assignments that includes Goals that go along with the Assignments.

For subs, we have a series of tasks for subs to complete to show that they are worthy of being a “Finsub.” Tasks enable subs to demonstrate their submissiveness to the Dommes on Findom App and completing them prepares the subs for what’s in store for them when they get themselves into a long-term Findom contract. Tasks keep the subs engaged, when they otherwise might be passive “lurkers” on the website. Tasks encourage subs to send and present themselves to Dommes in chat rooms and in private messages. Tasks are designed to lead subs on their journey into complete financial submission.

Inside of Findom App members will find a “Featured” section where users create posts for the community to see, community chat rooms, and our own digital currency called “Domme Dollars.” Domme Dollars can be earned through the completion of tasks, transferred between members and cashed out for cryptocurrency. Domme Dollars are pegged to the US Dollar, so 1 Domme Dollar = 1 US Dollar. Domme Dollars provide stability in terms of it’s price being static, and transfers are instant. Domme Dollars also provide a safe method of transfer, since they can only be cashed out after review and approval by a Findom App Admin.

Upon registering for Findom App, members automatically have 1 Domme Dollar added to their profile. They then have the opportunity to earn 3 more Domme Dollars right away. 1 For uploading a profile photo, 1 for uploading a cover photo, and 1 for creating a featured post. So that’s a total of 4 Domme Dollars members can earn, just for signing up!

We are constantly evolving and coming up with new Features. We will try to talk about a few here now, but just realize that these are always being updated and added to, and there might be some features that we might not cover here just because there are so many!

Findom App Features

To start, we have a private messaging system that has many options, including texting, voice messaging, audio calls, video calls, file/media attachments, read receipts, the ability to edit/delete messages, and the ability for users to block others from messaging them.

We have a “Featured” section where members can post Findom related content (similar to the Twitter/X feed).

We have a list of all different types of members including the 5 mentioned earlier (Domme, Sub, Switch, Femsub, Dom). In addition, for the top 2 main groups (Domme/sub) we split them into categories depending on their Verification status (Verified Dommes, Verified Subs, Unverified Dommes, Unverified Subs).

We have a community chat room that is very active and is essentially just a general chat about Findom between the members of Findom App.

We have a “Sessions” chat room where “Public Drain Sessions” take place. This is essentially where subs will go to have their finances “drained” by Dommes for everyone to see.

We have a “Domme Drains” chat room (NEW) which is where subs can go to get their Domme Tokens drained by Dommes.

We have a “Transaction” section that displays all Domme Dollars transactions from subs to Dommes on Findom App. This is very useful for Dommes to see which subs are being obedient and sending the most money.

We have an “Automated Sends” feature that Dommes can set up that enables subs to have their Domme Dollars automatically withdrawn from their account on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

We have a “Tasks” section for subs that train them to be obedient and comply with our demands. Tasks train subs to follow instructions so that they are prepared to properly serve their Domme when the time comes for them to become “Owned.”

We also have a series of getting started steps or “Assignments” for Dommes to help all Dommes but in particular Dommes who are new to Findom get started, get their profiles set up, get them ready to begin earning, etc. Assignments are also informative for newer Dommes as we cover techniques and standard Findom practices such as draining techniques, Sub Applications, contracts and more.

We also have an Affiliate Program that is available to all members. Upon signing up, all members have an Affiliate Account along with an affiliate dashboard and custom affiliate links automatically generated for them during registration. Affiliate links can be posted in social media and elsewhere and commissions are paid out as the result of affiliate sales.

At the time of this writing, Findom App currently has over 10,000 members. However, we strongly feel that we have barely scratched the surface of what we’ve set out to accomplish here. We also feel that 10,000 members is nothing compared to what our full potential is. Based on the amount of people who are currently a part of the Findom Community, and new people who are interested in joining, we intend to go into the millions of members and beyond!

To give an example of community potential, take a look at the Twitter/X account of another very popular website within the Findom community, called “Wishtender”:

At the time of this writing, and according to their Twitter bio, they currently have over 200,000 wishlist owners. Wishtender essentially caters to (not exclusively but in very large part) Dommes in the Findom community. Wishtender is a very different type of platform than Findom App and we are not comparing Findom App to Wishtender, but rather showing you what our member count potential is. And those are just Dommes. On Findom App we have subs, which is a completely different set of member type that also will go into the hundreds of thousands, millions, and beyond.

We’re going to talk more about the potential of Findom and Findom App and future plans in a later section further down below. But before that, we want to talk a little bit about our payment history before getting to what you’ve come here for.. Domme Token.

Findom Memberships and Payments

Starting in the spring of 2021, Findom App initially started with just a few members. Essentially we would promote the website to the Findom community on Twitter, and that’s basically how we started. We are always innovating and coming up with new ideas and new ways to do things, so we always had an expansive and open minded approach to how we set up memberships and membership payments here. So the following will simply be a summary and some general events that happened just so you can get a sense of where we came from, where we are now, where we’re headed, and how Domme Token fits in to all of this!

We initially set up a monthly, recurring membership subscription for all members. The price was $20 per month. This would allow paying members to have full access to the entire website, which at the time essentially meant they would be able to send unlimited private messages to other users (without the membership they wouldn’t be able to read or send private messages).

This worked well at first. It was a good system. From April 2021 to July 2021 there were approximately 40 or so first time membership sales during that time period. From there, some memberships reoccurred, while others canceled. There’s nothing too impressive about that number or anything, but it wasn’t bad for a brand-new website at the time.

Then, in late July 2021, we received notice that we were completely banned from PayPal. This was relatively devastating at the time because we felt like we had a comfortable and consistent flow of membership sales at that point, and we were planing on scaling the website and sales based on using PayPal as a payment processor.

Always up for a challenge, we quickly explored other options and decided to pursue credit card processing. We applied to just about every bank and credit card company possible, being rejected by every single one. At the time this was pretty devastating, and it became unclear what the future held for Findom App.

Then in early August 2021, we decided to enter the world of cryptocurrency. We set up a Bitcoin payment gateway. This would allow members to pay for memberships using Bitcoin, but would not allow reoccurring membership charges. So we decided to make membership payments a one-time fee for a lifetime membership, starting at $20. Soon after we had our first membership sale, and Findom App was back and better than ever!

Over the next few years, the member count started to grow, and along with it membership sales. As we sold more and more memberships, we started raising the price. $25, $30, $35. How high could we go? We decided to raise the price all the way to $50, and it sold! We always knew Findom App would be successful. We knew the Findom community needed a home. We provided that home and it was going great!

During this time (2021,2022, early 2023) we continued to grow. We set up an affiliate program so members could refer their audiences and get commissions on membership sales. We put together guides that explained to users how to buy Bitcoin in case they were new to crypto and/or did not know how to use Bitcoin as a payment method.

Then, in May 2023, we had an issue with the payment gateway we were using. There’s no need to go into detail other than it was beyond our control, and we needed to once again spring into action and find another way to process Bitcoin payments. We’re always “springing into action” whenever a conflict arises. We never back down from a challenge. Anything that comes up, we always push through it and the end result is always that much better.

Anyway, it was May 2023, and we quickly scrambled to find an alternative payment gateway. We eventually found one, and we were back in business! There was one slight issue with this gateway, which was that it was not integrated into the website. So in order to upgrade memberships, we would have to do it manually. On the positive side, we had complete control of all of the Bitcoin we received for memberships, from the second we received it (the other gateway held our Bitcoin before forwarding it to us. You can probably imagine what the issue was there). So while we were thrilled to have complete control of our funds, it would be hard to upgrade all of the memberships manually, especially at scale.

So we decided to raise the membership price to $60 to help slow down membership sales temporarily. This worked from June 2023 to around November 2023, when two issues started to arise. The first issue is that more and more people were signing up, and it was getting harder and harder for members of the Admin to manually upgrade each membership. And we were still in the 7,000 member range at that time, so what would happen when we got to 100,000 members and beyond? On top of this, Bitcoin transaction fees were skyrocketing, costing our members astronomical fees on top of the $60 membership payment.

So at this time we were now getting into December 2023 and we had 2 priorities. We had to find another payment gateway that would allow for automation so we could start processing memberships at scale, and we needed an alternative currency or currencies to mitigate the rising Bitcoin transaction costs.

Around this time we stumbled upon a payment gateway that would integrate perfectly into our website, and it would allow for automation of membership payments. It was at this time we decided to split the memberships into 3 different options that we still have at the time of this writing: A One Week Membership for $10, One Month Membership for $20, and a Lifetime Membership for $60.

The gateway also processed payments in many different currencies, and so we set it up so users could pay for memberships using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. The new set up was great! Sales were better than ever, the payment process was smooth and easy, and the automation allowed us to focus on other parts of the website. It was a great way to end 2023, and a great way to go into 2024.

Domme Token

After nearly 3 years of being online, in January 2024 we decided to enter the Cryptocurrency Market with our own token: Domme

We now want to take this opportunity here to give an overview of Domme. What is it exactly? What does it do? What is it used for? Why was it created? What is it’s purpose? What was our intent in creating it? Will you benefit from it? How will you benefit from it?

Domme is a cryptocurrency token. It is an ERC-20 token on Polygon Mainnet. Polygon is a VERY popular layer 2 blockchain that is designed to improve the scalability of Ethereum. Polygon has it’s own native token, called MATIC which is one of the BIGGEST cryptocurrencies in the world. Polygon/Matic is on par with some of the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, XRP, etc.

Our original idea was to launch an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. We eventually chose Polygon instead for several reasons. Ethereum is obviously a very popular blockchain, but it has quite a bit of issues. It can be slow, and the transaction fees can be incredibly high. Polygon on the other hand, fixes these issues with lightning fast transactions and incredibly cheap transaction fees.

Also, Polygon has a lot of very interesting projects that really caught our attention. We eventually started to realize the opportunity that awaits Findom App on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is developing projects that will be home to Decentralized Applications (DApps) such as social media DApps, that have really interesting features and use cases that in the future would be an incredible fit for Findom App.

Is this another one of those “meme” coins?

Domme Token is not, was never intended to be, and still to this moment is not intended to be a Meme Coin/Token. Findom App is a serious project that’s been around for over 3 years and we obviously take this very seriously. However, Meme Coins have had some jaw dropping and mind boggling success, and as such, there is something to be learned from them. Also, due to the nature of “Domme” (the name, the logo, the Findom community), there are in fact some elements in the meme coins and their success that can be used and integrated into Domme Token. Also, when looking at some of the intentions and purposes behind Domme Token and comparing those to the nature of Memes to reach these outrageous market caps in very short time frames, learning from their successes can actually be highly beneficial to everyone here. We’re going to discuss this more in detail below, but before we get to that, let’s go over some token stats and potential use cases.

Domme Token’s total supply is capped at 1 Billion tokens. We wanted plenty of tokens to go around, but we wanted them scarce enough, and so we did not go into the trillions or be unlimited. Domme is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon blockchain. It can be exchanged for several different cryptocurrencies including Matic, Tether, USD Coin, Dai, WBTC, WETH. Domme can currently be exchanged using Uniswap. We are considering hosting our own exchange, however that is currently undecided at this time. Regardless, we do anticipate more Buying/Selling/Exchange options over time. We wanted Domme to be a currency that is simple to use, and decided to focus on lightning-fast transaction speeds and little to no fees, and that’s what we ended up creating.

Why Domme?

The idea of having a cryptocurrency for Findom App and/or creating a token for the Findom community in general is an idea that’s been going around for quite a while now. Payments have always been an issue for Findom community members for a very long time. We personally experienced it as a website and we were banned from PayPal and subsequently banned from all banks and payment processors available to us in the United States.

Common payment methods for Findom over time have included PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Amazon Wishlists, Wishtender. All of these methods are flawed, and most (with the exception of Wishtender) are quick to ban anyone who is using them for Findom purposes.

Unfortunately, Wishtender was very recently (early 2024) dropped from their payment partner Stripe, and has been having a hard time getting back up and running. While we don’t know the Wishtender team personally, we wish them the best of luck with getting set back up and we look forward to the day when we could potentially collaborate with them. The day Wishtender begins accepting Domme Tokens as a payment method on their platform will be a very good day for Domme Token holders and investors.

Domme Tokens allow for a safe, quick and easy payment method for Dommes and subs in a Findom interaction. A common issue with typical fiat payments in Findom using some of the platforms mentioned above is that common issues such as refunds and chargebacks often arise. Domme Token solves this due to being a cryptocurrency. Dommes don’t have to worry about chargebacks or refunds, and their tokens are theirs within a few seconds.

The original plan was to create a “Findom” Token. However, after seeing the success of memes in the cryptocurrency space, and the lack of memes on Polygon Mainnet, we decided that while we did not want to create a meme in particular, it could be very beneficial to token holders and true to the nature of Findom if the token we created had some meme elements to it, even if it wasn’t intended to be a meme. This is when the idea switched from “Findom” to “Domme.”

Furthermore, Domme creates an opportunity to expand well beyond Findom App, and even Findom. Domme will allow a wider audience to be interested in it. Domme will also be more recognizable by investors such as yourself who might not be nor want to be involved with Findom and don’t even know what it is. Even though you probably haven’t heard of Findom until now, you most likely do know what Domme is. Dommes have a lot to say. The voice of Domme represents the Domme community, reaching far beyond just Findom.

Meme Coins

If you’ve had any involvement in the cryptocurrency space, you’re probably already familiar with meme coins. But in case you’re not, Meme Coins are essentially cryptocurrency coins that are started as jokes. Essentially what happens is someone or a group of people come up with an idea, and then they promote it like crazy on social media. If it’s quirky, funny, or entertaining enough, people will randomly begin to catch on and start buying it. Most of the time, as any reasonable person would expect, these coins fail, big time. But once in a while, the value of these coins will skyrocket “to the moon” as they say.

Let’s take a moment to look at a few case studies below.



Initial Release: December 2013

Market Cap: 11.14 Billion Dollars (January 2024)

Current Market Cap:

Blockchain: It has it’s own blockchain.


Initial Release: April 2023

Market Cap: 435.62 Million Dollars (January 2024)

Current Market Cap:

Blockchain: Ethereum

Shiba Inu

Initial Release: August 2020

Market Cap: 5.22 Billion Dollars (January 2024)

Current Market Cap:

Blockchain: Ethereum

To reiterate, we absolutely do not consider Domme Token a meme, nor do we ever intend for it to be a meme. This is a real cryptocurrency token with a real use case. It was created by the Admin of a website that has been online for over 3 years, with over 10,000 members as of April 2024. Just that alone, in and of itself separates Domme from the typical meme. However, there is something to be learned from the success of memes. And so would it be in the best interests of Domme Token holders for us to incorporate the elements of Memes that made them most successful into Domme Token? Absolutely!

New Interest and Investment

People have invested millions upon millions of dollars in some of the meme coins we mentioned above. What is going to happen when these same investors see Domme? Think about it. Picture it:


Initial Release: January 2024

Purpose: Findom, Findom App, Findom App Memberships, Sub to Domme transfers, Investment in Findom and Findom App, Findom Contracts, Findom DApp use cases, Potential Partnerships with Wishlists, Content Creators, other Social Media Apps, Dating Apps, Webcam Websites.. the list goes on and on.

Market Cap: 31.45 Million Dollars (April 2024)

Current Market Cap: Domme Price and Market Cap

Blockchain: Polygon

Why is our market cap so low? It’s simple.. this is just the beginning. Nobody knows about this.. yet.

Domme Token is going to create an enormous opportunity for all sorts of outsiders to find out about Findom and Findom App. Whether you’re interested in participating in Findom on Findom App yourself, or you just like the idea and want to be a part of it in some capacity, Domme Token is a great opportunity for you to get involved in this early stage.

Have you ever seen a token skyrocket “to the moon” making the earliest investors millionaires and even billionaires? Have you ever wished you got in early on one of those projects? Have you ever been jealous of early investors who put in a few bucks in the beginning and became millionaires 6 months later?

Well you know what, it’s now time for others to be jealous of YOU!

So how will we succeed? What’s our approach? What’s our strategy here?

We are essentially going to promote Domme Token with content similar to what we’ve done here on Findom App.

Here are some very basic elements of the content that we could see over the coming weeks and months when promoting Domme Token to Dommes and subs in the Findom community and even crypto investors as well:


“We are Dominant Goddesses, and you will worship us as such.”


“We are here to take over the blockchain. We’re the ones in control now, you got that, crypto sub?”


“You will obey our every command.”


“Approach. Worship. Obey.”

Where is Domme heading next? How will you benefit as a Domme Token holder?

The Future of Findom

Findom is not a fad. It’s here to stay, and it’s only getting bigger and more popular. Findom is also starting to move outside of the initial Findom community. Go on Tinder. You’ll see girls posting their Cash App $cashtags in their profiles. That’s a form of Findom. A mild and perhaps amateur form, but it is a form of Findom nonetheless.

We spoke earlier about Findom payments and the challenges that come with them. Cryptocurrency in general provides a solution to the Findom payment problem. The thing is, the Findom community is not yet caught up to speed with how cryptocurrency works.

When we switched from PayPal to Bitcoin to accept membership payments here on Findom App, we encountered a lot of situations where members did not know how to use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter. This gave us an opportunity to show them how it works.

The Findom community is just that, it’s a community. The community has certain terms and phrases that it uses. It has certain activities (such as Domme styles, different Findom activities such as games, etc.). Domme Token is just one of those things that stands out as the next thing to talk about, the next thing to participate in, etc.

We’ve already set up extensive guides for our community members on how to buy Domme, how to transfer Domme, how to receive Domme, etc. Over time, more and more community members will begin to use it for Findom purposes. The lightning-fast transaction speeds and the super cheap transaction fees make Domme the superior payment method above all others.

As more and more community members learn about Domme, you’ll start to see more and more Domme Token addresses in Twitter/X profiles, on Findom App profiles (we already have a section of the user’s profile to post their Domme Token address), in chat rooms (we have a chat room dedicated to Domme Token transfers specifically, called “Domme Drains”).

Think about the partnership opportunities with community platforms such as Wishtender, and over the long term, bigger industry players including but not limited to OnlyFans and Chaturbate. OnlyFans is a billion dollar company, and Chaturbate is very open-minded to accepting different methods of payment, including many different cryptocurrencies already. The Domme/Findom community is growing very rapidly on both platforms (it has been on OnlyFans for quite a while now) and perhaps most excitingly on Chaturbate (#findom is already one of the main hashtags on the platform). Imagine the day when Domme Token is accepted as a payment method for subscriptions on OnlyFans and for tokens on Chaturbate. It’s going to be out of this world!

You hear these stories about these cryptocurrencies that skyrocket to the moon, but until now you could never imagine being a part of something like that. But today, you don’t have to imagine. It’s happening right now, and you’re here with us at the very beginning.

Domme Tokens and Findom App Memberships

We’ve been working on several different ideas for how to accept Domme Tokens as membership payments. We’ve successfully tested 2 different payment gateways that have worked flawlessly with accepting the tokens as payments. The only hold-up at the moment is that neither of these payment gateways have native integrations to the current membership software we’re using. We’re still able to achieve automation, but we don’t like the layout and the integration of the alternative software compared to what we’re currently using. So essentially we can have some custom development work done to make everything look better, or we can get an integration with our current software. What’s our point? The point is that Domme Tokens are soon going to be the only way to pay for memberships here on Findom App. And what’s going to happen to the price of your tokens when that happens?

It’s going to skyrocket.. to the moon!

We’re also exploring alternative ideas where instead of paying for memberships, members will need to prove ownership of Domme Tokens in order to access certain features of the website. Not only will this too skyrocket the price, but it will dramatically increase the number of long-term holders. The benefits to you as an early investor are hard to put into words, but let’s just say you’re going to have a really good next few months and years.

The Future of Domme

We spoke briefly about some of our future plans above. As an investor, you probably want to know exactly how this is going to go. If you invest $10-$100 today, how will the value of your tokens increase? What specifically will cause that increase to happen? How long will it take? How high will the price go?

While there are a lot of different future use cases for Domme Tokens, for now, let’s create a clear path to quick and exponential gains for you as an investor. And so how can you realistically expect the value of your Domme Tokens to skyrocket so quickly, within weeks and months?  It’s the Findom App membership payments. As soon as we make the switch from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon to accepting only Domme Tokens exclusively for membership, this is when you will start to see the price of Domme skyrocket.

As previously mentioned, we are already working on making that switch. As the member count here continues to rise into the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of members and beyond, and the only way to pay for membership is using Domme Tokens, the return on your investment is going to be astronomical. Very rarely do people get an opportunity to obtain life-changing wealth in such a short time frame, as will be the case here with Domme Token.

The Findom App To Do List

By now you can clearly see the connection between Domme Token and Findom App. As a Domme Token holder, you’ll probably want to know what is happening with not only Domme Token, but with Findom App as well. We can’t emphasize enough and there are simply no words to express the extent to which we are constantly and consistently innovating and making things better on the Findom App platform. As an investor in Domme Token, it makes sense for us to share with you a “behind the scenes” look on some of the things we’re currently working on. Keep in mind that this list changes not only every day, but rather several times a day. Every time a new idea is formed, it gets added to the list. Anytime action is taken to implement the idea (which is very often), the idea then gets crossed off the list. Let’s take a look at the current To Do List, as of the time of writing, 4/12/2024 @ 9:52 PM (New York Time):

Findom App To Do List


  • Finish writing the Domme Token page for investors (we’re on it!)
  • Put contact forms for Dommes, subs, and investors at the bottom of each Domme Token page in case they have questions or need assistance with the purchase process or any other process such as sending/receiving.
  • Polygonscan Listing for Domme Token
  • Membership Payment Assistance Form (To help members who are new to crypto complete their membership payments)
  • Re-test both options for Domme Token payments and narrow down the better of the two
  • Figure out why a software update is causing a certain glitch on the site and seek a solution from the theme developer
  • Consider a membership discount for members who pay with Domme Tokens (temporary while we transition from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon to Domme Tokens exclusively)
  • Change Assignment #12 to reflect adding Domme Token to MetaMask with the Domme logo
  • Fix Assignment #2-12 forms for membership members so they don’t get moved on to future Assignments which could accidentally disable their messaging privileges
  • Review sub menus for Tasks #1-8
  • For Femsub and Switch members, create a welcome tab with a form to switch their account type if needed
  • Change Findom App website icon to new logo
  • Finish the second series of New Assignments and Goals for Dommes (This is a priority, let’s get this done ASAP!)
  • Make an “Earner Request” form for Dommes who receive Domme Dollars to get an “Earner” label in their profiles (note: we used to do this manually, but it has become impossible to keep up with as our member count continues into the tens of thousands)
  • Go through every Domme Assignment and every sub task and add more specific automation to ensure that the Assignments and Tasks are being completed 100% correctly (automation only, we’ll review the content separately).
  • Explore options to connect Web3 wallets to use the Domme Exchange.
  • Consider bringing back groups and/or adding forums
  • Look into an automation to email notify Dommes when subs either sign up and/or when they get Verified. Keep in mind this would somehow have to be limited due to maxing out our email limit.
  • Look into custom development that would allow community members to complete moderation tasks in exchange for Domme Dollars and/or Domme Tokens (except this might not need to be automated and if not, then this could happen sooner rather than later and would help take some of the workload off of the Admin).
  • Look into implementing the second affiliate program to credit Dommes Domme Dollars or preferably Domme Tokens for referring subs. This could be done manually, but might be too time-consuming at scale without automation. (Domme Tokens would likely need to be manual and would not be possible at scale, so likely this would have to be automated with Domme Dollars, but as usual any cash outs from sub referrals would have to be manually approved by an Admin).
  • Menu item for “Subs Under Contract”
  • Menu item for “Owned Subs”
  • Menu item for “Temporarily owned subs”
  • Automation for New Assignments and Goals (Priority, let’s get this done ASAP!)
  • Automation for the Domme Verification process. Also, considering adding ALL Assignments both old and new as a requirement.
  • Have conversations about the potential of outsourcing sub-verifications to Dommes (this could be helpful at scale but also cause other issues that might take too much time to deal with).
  • Fix hover glitch for membership members to see all Assignments (talk to theme developer about this).
  • Test the password resets and try to replicate any glitches and if so find solutions.
  • Look into reducing CPU usage if limits are consistently maxed out. (Not priority, this can probably wait until the issue returns).
  • Add a new series of tasks for Verified Subs (we already have a Verified Tasks series, so this would be an extension or a part 2).
  • Domme Token CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Domme Token CoinGecko Listing
  • Switch out Domme Dollars purchase for subs and replace with Domme Tokens purchases to encourage subs to purchase Domme Tokens. As an alternative or addition, set up Domme Dollars purchases but only accept Domme Tokens as payments, this would essentially be win-win for all involved.
  • Assignment and Task completion review for all levels and consider automating to reduce Admin review time for Assignments and Tasks (this is under control at the current 10,000 member count but will be an issue if not resolved when we get to around 15,000 to 20,000 members).
  • Add forms for Verified Task completions so Admin is better notified, and/or implement automated Verified Task completions wherever possible.
  • Add “Domme Token” to interest checkboxes in profiles (Do this sooner rather than later, this should only take a few minutes).
  • Double check “Lifetime Membership” menu to make sure Assignment #12 is visible.
  • Consult with the theme developer on hovering the sub-menus for both series of Assignments on Desktop specifically
  • Clean up the Admin profile a bit to remove dead links from the old payment gateway
  • Redesign home page(s)
  • Consider a theme switch or custom development to clean up some code
  • Outsource SEO services or potentially look into AI SEO services

And those are just a “few” of the things we’re working on at the time of writing. A lot of those are small fixes, some are more complicated than others, but the point is we work around the clock to make Findom App the best platform it can be.

Automation and Scaling

In the early days of Findom App, we were able to keep up with essentially everything that was happening on the platform and we were able to attend to matters manually. In fact, for the first 2+ years, we would manually assign members to their perspective roles. It’s hard to even imagine doing that now that we’re at 10,000+ members.

In the summer of 2023, when we were somewhere around the 5,000-6,000 member count, we began realizing that we would need to set up automated processes to be able to efficiently run the platform at scale. As we’ve crossed the 10,000+ member mark, this reality has become more apparent than ever before. A big part of our discussions lately has been examining all of the Admins manual processes, and taking note of which processes could be automated to increase efficiency. When we first released Assignments for Dommes, we would manually move each member on to the next Assignment. As more and more members started signing up, this process became absolutely insane to do manually. At one point, an entire 12-16 hour work day would be dedicated to Assignment advancement. That was obviously not going to work at scale. So we came up with an automated system that automatically moves Dommes on to their next Assignment upon successful completion of the previous Assignment.

Throughout this year (2024) and beyond, we have been, currently are, and will continue to make it one of our top priorities to identify where automation can be implemented and to implement it promptly. This will free up the Admin to work on other areas that need to be attended to. When looking at the size of the Findom community and the rate at which it’s growing, it’s very important for us to be prepared for the next several waves of new members who are on their way to joining us here.

Member Support and AI

One of the things that we felt we were incredible at in the earlier days of Findom App, but have since gone downhill a bit with as our member count increased was member support.

Early on, we would respond to member support inquiries lightning fast, and give very thorough and in depth responses. As the member count rose, there was just a lot of different moving parts and things happening, and it got harder and harder to respond quickly and efficiently. In the earlier days, members could expect support responses within minutes or hours, whereas once 2024 hit it could be a full day or two before receiving a response. This is absolutely unacceptable, and we intend for this to be temporary issue that will get resolved quickly as we continue to adapt to our higher member counts and operate more efficiently at scale.

One idea to address this temporary issue is to hire new support representatives. Another idea is to train AI assistants to be able to efficiently handle member support inquiries. Members of the Findom App Administration just so happen to be involved with the training of AI for major tech companies, and we will be spending plenty of the rest of this year exploring the extent to which we can train similar AI to help out as much as possible here on Findom App.

While member support includes a variety of different areas from lost passwords to issues with other members, frequent support requests have to do with membership payments using cryptocurrency. As we transition away from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon for membership payments and move towards Domme Tokens exclusively, we anticipate having a lot of members who WANT to use Domme Tokens to pay for memberships, but they might not know how. Training support representatives and/or AI assistants to effectively help members through the process will result in a magnitude of more membership sales compared to what we’re currently processing now. This will be very beneficial as we continue to scale, and it will be very beneficial to Domme Token holders and investors just in general, but especially early Domme Token investors such as yourself.

Advertising, Design & Marketing

You may or may not have noticed that the entire website, or at least the outer website (homepage + supporting home pages) could use an upgrade. You may or may not have wondered if we are aware of this, and the answer is that yes we are. In the Findom community, generally speaking, there’s a bit of an imbalance between the number of Dommes and subs. Generally/naturally, there are more Dommes than subs. So one of the challenges or rather objectives of Findom App is to get as many subs as possible, and quasi-limit the amount of Dommes on the platform. So we designed Findom App to attract subs to come join us here. So if you look at the home page for example ( it’s clearly designed to catch the interest of male subs rather than female Dommes.

The theory is that Dommes understand why it’s set up like this and don’t mind it. On the flip side, it would be better to ultimately have a more neutral homepage. We eventually want to take Findom and Findom App into mainstream awareness. We don’t see this as some underground fetish website. We see it as a mainstream social media/networking and money transfer application, not much different than and somewhat on par with major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Cash App, WhatsApp, and on the very popular but not as mainstream end of the spectrum OnlyFans, Chaturbate, and Seeking Arrangement. We’re aware that the website could use an upgrade and it’s definitely something we’re working on.

Homepage Case Studies:


We like the look of the WhatsApp homepage. It’s very mainstream, professional, and clean-looking. It lists out its purpose, along with several different features. This is one potential direction to go in.

We sort of attempted something similar here:

Our “About” page is clearly nowhere near as good in quality as WhatsApp’s home page (but it certainly has the potential to be) and it’s also not the main home page but rather a supporting home page (so from the home page main menu you can click on “About” to reach that page).

Seeking Arrangement

We like the idea of this homepage with the video. This is more niche than the WhatsApp homepage but it’s a really cool idea that highlights what their platform is about. The interaction between the man and woman on that homepage video makes a lot of sense. If we were to do something like that, we would transcribe it to make sense for Findom and Findom App.

Let’s imagine what a homepage video could look like for Findom App..

Potential Future Findom App Homepage and/or Advertisement

This could be for a background homepage video similar to what is shown on the Seeking Arrangement homepage as referenced above, and/or it could even be some type of advertisement and/or commercial.

There is a man. He looks meek, nervous, and submissive. It’s late at night. He is walking down a New York City street. Perhaps downtown or Brooklyn, somewhere that has a late-night sex club type of vibe. We were thinking somewhere downtown with brick streets, or possibly somewhere in Astoria or an industrial/gritty-looking location in Long Island City. Anyway, he approaches a door, checks his phone, checks the address, and realizes he’s at the right place. He buzzes himself in. It’s dark. He makes his way down a flight of stairs and ends up in a BDSM-looking dungeon.

A small dim light starts to brighten, and a mean, evil, super sexy-looking Dominatrix/Mistress appears. She is a shadowy figure at first, but then her beauty/dominance shines through. She looks at him and points to the ground. The captions read something like “On your knees, slave.” The submissive man obeys. The next caption: “Open your wallet.” He nervously takes his wallet out of his back pocket. Caption: “Hand it over.. NOW!” The submissive man then hands his wallet over. The dominatrix takes the wallet, puts it to the side, and then reaches over and grabs a whip from the table next to her. She has the whip in her hands, as the submissive man looks up at her in fear.

Cut to another scene, a bunch of college-aged girls are partying and dancing at a nightclub. They are approached by older nerdy-looking men, who they laugh at and make loser signs with their fingers on their foreheads. Potential captions: “Eww, get away from us, losers. Either pay us or get lost!”

Final scene: An aerial shot of the 4 college-aged girls driving over the Queensboro Bridge headed towards Queens. You can see the “Silvercup” sign lit up in front of them, and the “Pepsi-Cola” sign lit up down on the boardwalk. In the background you can see the Empire State Building, Chrysler Buidling, and One World Trade Center. The girls are in an ultra-luxury convertible, possibly a BMW or a Rolls Royce. (If Rolls Royce, it could have a “Findom” license plate zoomed in on at one point). The girls are laughing, and having a blast. They all look at each other giggling. As they continue over the bridge into Queens, they throw their hands up in the air, releasing a slew of hundred-dollar bills. They continue to laugh as the bills fall into the East River.

Potential closing caption ideas:

“Findom App – Approach. Worship. Obey.”

“Findom – Pay up loser, or get lost!”

“Findom App – Let HER take the lead.”

“Findom App – Give up control.”

“Findom App – Give up control of your wallet.”

“Findom – Give up control.”

Or something else along those lines that has yet to be thought of!

So this is just a random on-the-spot type of idea we came up with while writing this. You’ll notice the combination of underground fetish and mainstream lifestyle. The first part in the dungeon is more niche underground kind of like FetLife ( whereas the nightclub scene makes you think more mainstream like Tinder or Cash App while the bridge convertible scene is something you could imagine seeing on Instagram or TikTok.

One of the things we’ve always loved about Findom App is the potential to be in that underground niche community (such as FetLife) but also break out into the mainstream (as mentioned before like Tinder and Cash App).

Also, Findom App being a place where women take control, it sort of seems like that’s where some of these mainstream apps could be going. Take Bumble ( for example, where women message men first.

Imagine a billboard as you sit in traffic going into New York City. A sexy looking woman with her fingers signalling a “come here” motion, with the caption: “Findom App – Let HER take the lead.”

Think about some of these companies, Tinder, Bumble, and OnlyFans. These are HUGE companies. Tinder matches locals to go on dates. Bumble is a dating app where women lead the way. OnlyFans is a platform where content creators sell content and make money. Cash App enables money transfers between members. Twitter/X is a social networking platform for individuals and communities.

What’s next?

What’s that next BIG thing?

It’s Findom. Women being dominant towards men and commanding them to send money to them. It’s for real, it’s entertaining, and it will be the next big thing to hit the mainstream. And who is the #1 platform in the Findom space?

Findom App

Approach. Worship. Obey.

We are Dominant Goddesses, and you will worship us as such.

Findom App is on its way to mainstream success.

The possibilities here are endless. We have BIG plans for Findom App. We’ve barely even scratched the surface of what we’ve set out to accomplish here and what our full potential is.

Any girl who has her Cash App $cashtag in her Tinder profile, that’s a form of Findom. Any girl in college calling the guy who asks her out a loser, that’s a form of Findom. Findom is everywhere in many different forms. It is not yet clearly defined. Any wife who spends the day at the mall shopping while her husband works all day to pay for it all, that’s a form of Findom. Findom is everywhere, most people simply don’t realize it yet.

Let Findom App clearly define it. Let Findom App own the space. Let Findom App take over the Findom Community and beyond.

The only question left to be answered is..

Are you with us?

Invest in Domme Token

Are you intrigued by reading this? If you are, one thing to think about is how will other crypto investors like yourself react? Well, you have the opportunity to get in earlier than them.

You’re not just investing in Domme Token. You’re investing in Findom and Findom App. You’re investing in a community of Dominant Goddesses, whose mission is to take complete control of all of the submissive men out there and to drain them of everything they’ve got! We will not stop. We are unstoppable, and we are becoming more and more powerful every day!

Even an investment of just a measly $10-$100 is going to bring you life-changing wealth that you could never possibly have imagined previously. Investing is done easily on Uniswap or by using the Domme Exchange ( here on Findom App.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Do not miss out on this. Domme Token will be the next big cryptocurrency to skyrocket “To The Moon!”

How to look up the current price of Domme

There are a few ways to look up the current real-time price of Domme. If you just want to know the price, you can go to the Domme Token page on CoinMarketCap:

If you have Domme Tokens and you want to see how much your current balance is worth specifically, you can connect your wallet to Uniswap. Enter the amount of Domme Tokens you want to get a price for or click “Max” for all of them. This will then give you the resulting amount in Matic or whatever other exchange currencies are available. You can go to the Domme Exchange on Uniswap here:

How to Buy Domme

Buying Domme Tokens is very quick and easy. There are a few steps/nuances to understand depending on where you are in the process, so let’s go over that now.

To buy Domme, you will first need Matic on Polygon Mainnet. There are several different ways to get Matic on Polygon Mainnet. For now, we’ll just give the easiest and most straightforward example of using MetaMask to purchase Matic with a debit card. However, you can Contact Us if you need any further assistance.

If you do not yet have MetaMask installed, you can go to

If you’re on a Desktop computer, you can add MetaMask as a browser extension.

If you’re on mobile, you can download the MetaMask App both from the website and clicking “Download on the App Store” or simply search for it on your phone’s App Store.

From there, click the “Install” button.

From there, click the “Open” button.

Once open, you’ll see the “Welcome to MetaMask” screen.

From here, click on the “Get started” button:

From here, you’ll be asked to create a password:

Next, you’ll need to set up your wallet.

If you’re advanced and familiar with DEX Wallets and you want to import an existing wallet, you can go ahead and do that if you’d like.

However, if you’re newer to this, and for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to create a new wallet.

So with that, let’s click on the “Create a new wallet” button:

From here, you’ll be asked to save your recovery phrase:

This is standard procedure when setting up wallets like this. Follow the instructions to save your recovery phrase. First start by clicking the “Start” button, which will take you to the “Secure your wallet” screen:

A lot of this is just standard procedure, so you can go ahead and click the “Start” button when you’re ready:

It might ask you to confirm your password once again:

You’ll then be told to write down your recovery phrase:

Click the “View” button to get your recovery phrase.

Once you’ve gotten and written down your recovery phrase, it will then ask you to confirm it by entering it in a certain order on the next screen:

Once confirmed, you’ll end up on the Congratulations screen:

From here, click the “Done” button.

It might ask you if you want to automatically check for security updates:

This is up to you, if you have any doubts you can simply click “No thanks” and move on.

This will take you to your wallet home screen:

From here, let’s enable and switch to Polygon network and buy some Matic!

First, start on your MetaMask home screen:

Most likely it will be set to Ethereum Network by default. Since we’re going to be buying Matic on Polygon Mainnet, let’s switch the network to Polygon.

To do this, click the top dropdown that says “Ethereum Main Net.”

This will take you to the “Select a network” screen:

From here, click the “Add Network” button at the bottom of the screen.

This will take you to the list of available networks:

Towards the bottom, you’ll see Polygon Mainnet. Click “Add” next to Polygon Mainnet. This will take you to the Polygon Mainnet addition screen:

Click the blue “Approve” button to approve the addition of Polygon Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.

When finished, you will get confirmation that the New network (Polygon Mainnet Network) was added:

From here, click the blue “Switch to network” button.

This will take you to the Polygon Mainnet switch confirmation screen:

From here, click the blue “Got it” button. This will take you back to your MetaMask wallet, except now you will be on Polygon Mainnet. Now you’re ready to buy Matic on Polygon Mainnet:

Start by clicking the blue “Buy MATIC” button towards the bottom of your screen. This will take you to the next screen:

From here, click the blue “Get started” button to get started.

At this point, you will need to select your region.

We’re going to continue this guide, but from here your experience might differ depending on your region, but the basic process should still be the same.

For us, we’re going to choose United States of America:

We’re then going to select “New York” because that’s where we are from. However, unless you’re also from New York, you’re instead going to select the country and region that you are from, which might be different from New York. That is completely fine. Instead of selecting New York, select instead whichever country and region you are from.

Another reminder, we are doing this based out of the United States and New York. Certain parts of this process might differ slightly depending on your region. That is okay, you can still use this guide and make slight adjustments based on your region.

For us, it is giving us the option to either use Debit or Credit, or Instant ACH Bank Transfer:

We’re going to choose Debit or Credit.

From here you will be asked to select a cryptocurrency:

You’ll notice in the screenshot it says on the top: “Select from the list of tokens available on Polygon Mainnet.”

Seeing this is confirmation that you are on the right network. If you see something else, for example: “Select from the list of tokens available on (any other network other than Polygon Mainnet) then you might be on the wrong network. If this is the case, go back to the beginning and switch to Polygon Mainnet.

Most likely if you’ve followed these instructions here so far you will already be on Polygon Mainnet. As such, you will see options to buy USDC or Matic.

Generally speaking, you can choose either. However, at the time of this writing, and for the purposes of this guide, we are going to choose MATIC. So with that being said, go ahead and click on MATIC for your cryptocurrency to buy.

This should take you to the MATIC buy screen:

From here you will be asked to enter an amount of Matic to buy. You can select any amount. We recommend any amount in between $10-$100. If you’re brand new, or you’re just getting into this and simply just want to see how this goes, you can go ahead and enter $10 to get started. If you’re more advanced and/or you see the true value of Domme Tokens and the bright future ahead, you can go ahead and enter $100+. So enter $10-$100+ or whichever amount you feel most comfortable with, and then click the blue “Done” button.

This will take you to the next screen which will essentially be a setup screen for what you’re buying (Matic), the amount you’re buying (in this example, $10), and your payment method (Debit or Credit):

Once you’re on this screen and everything is set up correctly, click on the blue “Get quotes” button.

This will take you to the “Fetching quotes” screen:

This will land you on the “Select a Quote” screen:

Again, this might differ for you depending on your region. That is completely fine. For us, we’re given a quote from “link by Stripe.” Essentially this is saying we’ll get $9.49 worth of Matic for $10, making the fee $0.51. This is both normal and reasonable, so let’s proceed by clicking “Continue with Stripe.”

Note: If you get a message that says something along the lines of “New updated quote available” or something along the lines of telling you to “approve a new quote.” That is completely fine and normal. It’s just the nature of how buying crypto goes. Most likely the new quote is off by less than a penny, but you can double-check the new quote before proceeding if you’d like.

Once you’ve hit the “Continue” button, you should see the next screen outlining what you are paying and receiving and the fee amount:

In this example everything looks good. The fee actually seems to have gone down by 2 cents (most likely during the quote update we mentioned a moment ago) which is all good. In this example, we’re essentially getting $9.51 of Matic, which at the time of this example is 12.1606 MATIC. Keep in mind, that when you do this, the Matic you receive might be a completely different amount of Matic depending on the Matic price at the time you’re doing this. That is completely fine, you will still get the $9.51 worth of Matic, so it’s normal if you get an amount of Matic different than the 12.1606 Matic shown in this example.

So let’s click the “Continue” button to go to the next screen:

So for us, it’s asking us to Sign up or log in to Link. For you it might be a different process depending on your region and payment processor. That is fine.

For us, we’ll enter an email and continue.

From here it might ask you to enter the 6-digit code to confirm your email:

Once that’s done it will ask you to confirm your wallet:

Generally speaking, MetaMask should already have your wallet address entered in. You’ll most likely be all set up with this. If you want you can go back and double-check to make sure it is the correct wallet address, but there’s a very high probability that this is automatically set up correctly for you.

So once you’re satisfied that your wallet address is correct, click the blue “Use this wallet” button.

This will take you to the “Add a payment method” screen:

From here you can add your payment method. In this case, we added a debit card number. Once your payment method is added, click the blue “Review order” button.

This will take you to the final screen before placing your order:

So to review, you’ll see your email, your MetaMask/Polygon address where your Matic will be sent to, your payment method, the amount of Matic you are receiving, fees, and the total price. In this example everything looks good, so we’ll click the blue “Pay” button now:

If you get a message that says the price of MATIC updated, as mentioned before that is completely fine and normal, and it is likely off by less than a penny:

Regardless, even if the price significantly changed (very unlikely in a very short time frame), you’ll still only be paying the same amount, it will just be a matter of getting a different amount of Matic (but it will be the same current value as the amount you are paying). In other words, it’s reasonable to proceed as this price update is normal, so you can go ahead and click the blue “Accept and pay” button.

From here, you will land on the “Your purchase is processing” screen:

They say it can take up to 10 minutes for the Matic to reach your wallet, although in our experience it will happen much faster. Either way is fine because there are a few steps to complete while we wait.

So let’s continue by clicking the blue “Return to MetaMask” button.

This will take you back to your wallet’s home screen:

If you see your MATIC balance at $0, and a “Processing your purchase of MATIC” message on the bottom of your screen. Don’t worry, your Matic is on the way.

Eventually, within a few minutes you’ll have the Matic you purchased in your account:

Whether your Matic is in your account or it’s still processing, either way is fine. There are a few steps that need to be taken before using the Matic to purchase Domme Tokens anyway, so let’s get right to that while we wait for your Matic to come in.

Let’s now add Domme as a custom token to your MetaMask wallet.

Start by clicking this link here:

From there, click the green “Add to MetaMask” button. If you are on Desktop with the MetaMask browser extension installed, this will be relatively easy. Once you click the green “Add to MetaMask” button you’ll see a pop up with another button that says “Add Token” and that is essentially it. If you’re on mobile, you’re most likely going to want to do this from the MetaMask mobile browser.

To add Domme Token using this method via the MetaMask mobile browser, copy this link here:

Then open MetaMask on your phone, and to the right of the up and down arrows button on the bottom, click the next icon directly to the right of that. This will open the MetaMask mobile browser. From there, paste in the previously copied address to the URL field. Here it is again:

From there, it’s essentially the same process. Click the green “Add to MetaMask” button, and then click the “Add Token” button that pops up.

This will add Domme Token along with the Domme logo to your MetaMask account. Now you’re ready to receive Domme Tokens!

Here’s an example of what the final result looks like after successfully adding Domme Token to MetaMask:

If for any reason the above steps don’t go well or you’re unable to add Domme Token to MetaMask using the above-mentioned method, you can instead import Domme Token to your MetaMask wallet manually.

To do this, first start by copying the Domme Token Contract Address here:


Next, go to your MetaMask wallet. Make sure you are on Polygon Mainnet (See the top drop-down menu):

Then, notice at the bottom where it says: “Don’t see your token? Import tokens”

Click on “Import tokens”

This will take you to the “Import Tokens” screen:

From here, click on “Custom Token”

This will take you to the Import Custom Tokens screen:

Next, paste the Domme Token Contract Address you previously copied into the “Token Address” field.

Once this is done, the “Token Symbol” field should auto-fill to “DOMME’ and the “Token Decimal” field should auto fill to 18:

So now you should have the Domme Token Address pasted in, along with the Token Symbol as “DOMME” and the Token Decimal as “18.”

With all that looking good, let’s go ahead and click the “Import” button.

This should take you back to the home screen with the pop-up message towards the bottom: “Imported Token. Successfully imported DOMME” as well as “Domme” now added to your wallet, probably right under “MATIC”, as in this example here:

Notice how we’re currently starting with 0 DOMME on MetaMask. After we’re done with this process we will have Domme Tokens on MetaMask.

If you need any assistance with adding DOMME to MetaMask, feel free to Contact Us at anytime and we will be happy to assist you!

Now that you have Domme Token added to your MetaMask wallet, you are now ready to purchase Domme Tokens! You can do this on Uniswap directly or through the “Domme Exchange” page on our website (the “Domme Exchange” page is simply Uniswap embedded). We already have a guide put together for how to do this using the “Domme Exchange” page (we simply haven’t put together the Uniswap guide yet) but the process is very similar. If you’re fine with using the “Domme Exchange” page directly, you can simply follow the steps below. If you instead would prefer to use Uniswap directly, follow the same steps, except rather than go to the “Domme Exchange” page on Findom App, instead go to:

Once you get to Uniswap using the link above, if you’re already on Polygon Mainnet, “Domme” should automatically get prefilled in to the swap form. If it does not, try connecting your wallet and switching to Polygon Mainnet. If you still don’t see “Domme”, when asked to “Select token” you can paste in the Domme contract address which you can copy here below:


We’ll eventually come out with a specific guide with screenshots showing the process on Uniswap, but the process is so similar that you should be able to buy Domme Tokens one way or another using the guide below. As always, if you have questions or need assistance with this process you can Contact Us Here.

So here’s the guide to buy Domme Tokens using the “Domme Exchange” page on Findom App:

In MetaMask, on the bottom of the screen, in the middle you’ll see the blue button with up/down arrows. Immediately to the right of that button, you’ll see another grey and white button. Click that to access the MetaMask built-in browser:

From here, in the search bar, go to the Findom App “Domme Exchange” page (

Here’s the URL with out the link so you can easily copy and paste it into your MetaMask browser:

This will take you to the “Domme Exchange” page:

From here, click the “Connect” button:

This will take you to the “Connect a wallet” dropdown:

Select “WalletConnect.”

From here, scroll down a bit and you will see a few different options:

Click on MetaMask. This will take you to the “Connect to this site?” screen:

At this point, click the “Connect” button

From here, you should get the connection successful screen:

Followed by the Uniswap approval screen:

From there, click the pink “I understand” button.

Once that’s all done, you will be connected to MetaMask, and you should see Polygon Mainnet Activated:

So where you see “You pay” and to the right, the “Select token” dropdown, click on the dropdown:

From here, select “MATIC”

This will set the token you’re going to pay with to “MATIC”

Since you’re connected, your Matic Balance will automatically load.

Your numbers will vary, but essentially this is the same amount of Matic you recently purchased in the previous steps. So in our example, we purchased $10 worth of Matic, which at the time of this example is 12.13 MATIC. Your numbers might differ substantially based on both the amount you’re starting with and the current market price of Matic. That is perfectly fine, you’re welcome to start with as much or as little as you like as we’ve previously discussed.

So for this example, since we bought $10 worth of Matic and we also want that to be our initial investment, so we’re simply going to click “Max”:

This is going to load our full Matic balance. As you can see in the screenshot the Value is $9.58. So essentially we are going to be purchasing $9.58 worth of Domme Tokens.

At the time of this example, the current price of Domme is $0.01092 as per CoinMarketCap. So in this example, $9.58 worth of Matic is going to get us 727.736 Domme Tokens. The number of Domme Tokens you receive might differ substantially due to a variety of different factors. The important part to understand is you are getting the number of Domme Tokens that correlates to the value of Matic you are using to exchange.

So you’ll notice the button that says “Swap anyway.” This has to do with the fact that at the time of this example, there is low liquidity for this Token since it is brand new.

So now we’ll click the “Swap anyway” button:

From here, you’ll review the swap.

This lays out clearly exactly what’s happening.

So in this case, we are paying 12.1175 Matic which at the time of this example is worth $9.57.

In exchange, we are going to receive 727.736 Domme Tokens.

You can also see the exchange rate of 1 DOMME = 0.01665 MATIC clearly stated:

The fee is 0 Domme and the Network cost is less than a penny. So with that, let’s click “Confirm swap” to confirm this swap:

This will set up the swap on MetaMask. Everything looks good, so let’s click “Confirm”.

This will take you to the “Transaction Submitted” screen:

And then rather quickly you’ll end up on the “Swap success” screen:

From there you can click “View on Explorer” (if you like, it’s up to you).

So now, let’s check out our MetaMask wallet balance:

And viola!

We now have 727.7369 Domme Tokens in our MetaMask wallet. Once you’ve reached this point, you are officially a Domme Token holder!

So now what?

Nothing. Just hold, and wait. Let us do all the work. Let the Findom Community grow. Let Domme Token and what it stands for make its way through the blockchain, and enjoy the ride as the value of your Domme Tokens skyrockets “To The Moon!”

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