After nearly 3 years of being online, in January 2024 we decided to finally enter the Cryptocurrency Market with our own token: Domme

We now want to take this opportunity here to give an overview of Domme. What is it exactly? What does it do? What is it used for? Why was it created? What is it’s purpose? What was our intent in creating it? Will you benefit from it? How will you benefit from it?

Domme is a cryptocurrency token. It is an ERC-20 token on Polygon Mainnet. Polygon is a VERY popular layer 2 blockchain that is designed to improve the scalability of Ethereum. Polygon has it’s own native token, called MATIC which is one of the BIGGEST cryptocurrencies in the world. Polygon/Matic is on par with some of the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, XRP, etc.

Our original idea was to launch an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. We eventually chose Polygon instead for several reasons. Ethereum is obviously a very popular blockchain, but it has quite a bit of issues. It can be slow, and the transaction fees can be incredibly high. Polygon on the other hand, fixes these issues with lightning fast transactions and incredibly cheap transaction fees.

Also, Polygon has a lot of very interesting projects that really caught our attention. We eventually started to realize the opportunity that awaits Findom App on the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is developing projects that will be home to Decentralized Applications (DApps) such as social media DApps, that have really interesting features and use cases that in the future would be an incredible fit for Findom App.

Polygon is also very involved in the world of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZK Proofs). ZK Proofs are an incredible technology that can potentially have many use cases for Findom. Zero Knowledge proofs are a way to verify information without obtaining the actual information. In other words using ZK technology we can verify certain information in a very private way.

So for example, let’s say we wanted to have age verification here on Findom App. Rather than making users upload their photo IDs, which would reveal all sorts of private information such as legal name, addresses, ID photos, etc. we can instead verify age using ZK Proofs. We’re not going to go into how ZK Proofs work here, but the point is we could age verify using ZK Proofs instead of Photo IDs, which will prove your age without needing to know your personal information.

Other Findom use cases for ZK Proofs could include age verification, location verification, gender verification and even credit score, the list goes on and on. To go too deep into ZK Proofs right now would be a little bit off topic for this particular section. Let’s get back to Domme Token for now, but perhaps we’ll go into ZK Proofs in more detail another time.

Another reason why we chose to deploy Domme Token on Polygon rather than Ethereum or any other network is that Polygon does not currently have a successful Meme Coin. To be clear, Domme Token is not, was never intended to be, and still to this moment is not intended to be a Meme Coin/Token. In fact, we are actually quite anti-meme coin and find them silly and pointless. Findom App is a serious project that’s been around for over 3 years and we obviously take this very seriously. However, Meme Coins have had some jaw dropping and mind boggling success, and as such, there is something to be learned from them. Also, due to the nature of “Domme” (the name, the logo, the Findom community), there are in fact some elements in the meme coins and their success that can be used and integrated into the Findom Token. Also, when looking at some of the intentions and purposes behind Domme Token and comparing those to the nature of Memes to reach these outrageous market caps in very short time frames, learning from their successes can actually be highly beneficial to everyone here. We’re going to discuss this more in detail below, but before we get to that, let’s go over some token stats and potential use cases.

Domme Token’s total supply is capped at 1 Billion tokens. We wanted plenty of tokens to go around, but we wanted them scarce enough and to not go into the trillions or be unlimited. Domme is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon blockchain. It can be exchanged for Matic at the time of writing, but eventually other options for exchange will include Tether, USD Coin, Dai, WBTC, WETH. Domme can currently be exchanged using Uniswap. We are considering hosting our own exchange, however that is currently undecided at this time. Regardless, we do anticipate more Buying/Selling/Exchange options over time. Domme Token is a rather simple token. It doesn’t have many fancy features. We had all sorts of options such as charging transaction fees to then distribute as dividends to token holders, minting and burning features, the list goes on. We instead wanted something more simple, and decided to focus on lightning fast transaction speeds and little to no fees, and that’s what we ended up creating.

Why Domme?

The idea of having a cryptocurrency for Findom App and/or creating a token for the Findom community in general is an idea that’s been going around for quite a while now. The original plan was to create a “Findom” Token. However, after seeing the success of memes in the cryptocurrency space, and the lack of memes on Polygon Mainnet, we decided while we did not want to create a meme in particular, it could be very beneficial to token holders and true to the nature of Findom if the token we created had some meme elements to it, even if it wasn’t intended to be a meme. This is when the idea switched from “Findom” to “Domme.”

Furthermore, Domme creates an opportunity to expand well beyond Findom App, and even Findom. Domme will allow a wider audience to be interested in it. Domme will also be more recognizable by investors who aren’t involved with Findom and don’t even know what it is. These investors have a better chance at knowing what Domme is. Domme has a lot to say, there’s a lot happening there. The voice of Domme represents the Domme community, reaching far beyond just Findom. Will we release a 2nd token focused on Findom with all sorts of fancy features for Findom App specifically? Maybe. But for now let’s get back to Domme.

So what is the point of all this? What are we trying to accomplish here?

If you’re reading this right now, you most likely know what Findom is. Let’s skip over the definition here for now. But if you zoom out a little bit, Findom is making money online. And if you think about it, making money online is not cut and dried. It’s like when you invest in stocks or cryptocurrency, you want to diversify your portfolio. In Findom, you want to diversify your income streams. We have many ideas on how to do that which will talk about in other sections another time. But for now, Domme Token is an incredible supplement to your Findom activities.

Consider the following example. We’ll exaggerate just a bit to highlight an idea here. Let’s say you’re interacting with a sub, and it’s determined that he’s going to send you $1,000. Instead of receiving the $1,000 straight to your Wishtender, you can tell him to send $900 to your Wishtender and $100 worth of Domme Tokens to your Domme wallet. Why? What’s the point of that?

Well first of all, in order to send you Domme tokens, he’ll have to buy Domme Tokens. What’s going to happen to the price of Domme when he buys? If you’re a Domme holder, what will happen to your portfolio when the price goes up?

Okay sure, you’ll still get the $1,000 plus profits off of your Domme token holdings. But still, why would you even hold Domme Tokens in the first place?

Domme is a cryptocurrency token. The global cryptocurrency market cap is worth over 1 Trillion Dollars. Millions upon millions of investors from all over the world put A LOT of their money into cryptocurrency. This includes “crypto whales”, who invest millions and even BILLIONS of dollars into projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and even smaller up and coming projects not too far off from where Domme is today.

Are you following this, or should we explain this in a different way?

Let’s take a different approach here..

Meme Coins

If you’ve had any involvement in the cryptocurrency space, you’re probably already familiar with meme coins. But in case you’re not, Meme Coins essentially are cryptocurrency coins that are started as jokes. They do not have any real use case or purpose. Someone comes up with an idea, and then they promote it like crazy on social media. If it’s quirky, funny or entertaining enough, random people will catch on and start buying it. Most of the time, as any reasonable person would expect, these coins fail, big time. But once in a while, the value of these coins will skyrocket “to the moon” as they say.

Why don’t we take a moment to look at a few case studies.



Initial Release: December 2013

Purpose: None, it’s a coin with a dog on it.

Market Cap: 11.14 Billion Dollars (January 2024)

Current Market Cap:

Blockchain: It has it’s own blockchain.


Initial Release: April 2023

Purpose: None whatsoever. It’s a coin with an ugly looking frog on it.

Market Cap: 435.62 Million Dollars (January 2024)

Current Market Cap:

Blockchain: Ethereum

Shiba Inu

Initial Release: August 2020

Purpose: It’s a picture of a dog on a coin.

Market Cap: 5.22 Billion Dollars (January 2024)

Current Market Cap:

Blockchain: Ethereum

To reiterate, we absolutely do not consider Domme Token a meme, nor do we ever intend for it to be a meme. This is a real token with a real use case. It was created by the Admin of a website that has been online for almost 3 years, with over 8,000 members as of January 2024. Just that alone, in and of itself separates Domme from the typical meme. However, there is something to be learned from the success of memes. And so would it be in the best interest of Domme Token holders for us to incorporate the elements of Memes that made them most successful into Domme Token? Absolutely!

Unsuspecting subs

Domme Token opens up the door for an entirely new wave of potential subs. Think about the entire cryptocurrency community. Think about the type of people who invest in cryptocurrency. What are they into? What type of people are they? Do they spend a lot of time online? What else do they do online when they’re not investing in crypto?

People have invested millions upon millions of dollars in some of the meme coins we mentioned above. What is going to happen when these same investors see Domme? Think about it. Picture it:


Initial Release: January 2024

Purpose: Findom, Findom App, Sub to Domme transfers, Investment in Findom and Findom App, Findom Contracts, Findom DApp use cases, Potential Partnerships with Wishlists, Content Creators, other Social Media Apps, Dating Apps.. the list goes on and on.

Market Cap: 46.29 Dollars (January 2024)

Current Market Cap:

Blockchain: Polygon

How could these dog and frog tokens have such high market caps, in the hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars, but Domme Token has a market cap of $46 at the time of writing? It’s simple.. this is just the beginning. Nobody knows about this.. yet.

Domme Token is going to create an enormous opportunity for all sorts of outsiders to find out about Findom and Findom App. When they find out about Domme, one way or another, they will be making their way to Findom App. As a Domme on Findom App, what does that mean to you? How does that benefit you?

How would you like multimillionaire and even billionaire “whalesubs” floating around here?

So how will we succeed? What’s our approach? What’s our strategy here?

We are essentially going to promote Domme Token with content similar to what we’ve done here on Findom App.

Here are some very basic elements of the content that we could see over the coming weeks and months when promoting Domme Token to both subs and crypto investors:


“We are Dominant Goddesses, and you will worship us as such.”


“We are here to take over the blockchain. We’re the ones in control now, you got that, crypto sub?”


“You will obey our every command.”


“Approach. Worship. Obey.”

How to look up current price of Domme

There are a few ways to look up the current real time price of Domme. If you just want to know the price, you can go to the Domme Token page on CoinMarketCap:

If you have Domme Tokens and you want to see how much your current balance is worth specifically, you can connect your wallet to Uniswap. Enter the amount of Domme Tokens you want to get a price for or click “Max” for all of them. This will then give you the resulting amount in Matic or whatever other exchange currencies are available. You can go to the Domme Exchange on Uniswap here:

How to receive Domme

There are several ways that you can receive Domme Tokens. Keep in mind there are many ways to receive Domme, so these examples below are not the only methods.

One way to receive Domme Tokens is on Findom App directly. As a member of Findom App, you have your own crypto wallet that we provided for you to use. To find your wallet, you can go to “Domme Wallet” on the main menu.

In your Findom App Domme Wallet, you will see your account address. To the right you should see a copy to clipboard icon. Click once to copy to clipboard.

You can then post your Domme address wherever you’d like, social media, linktree, profiles, etc. You can also provide it to subs as a payment method and instruct subs to send Domme Tokens to you.

Another way to receive Domme Tokens is on your MetaMask Wallet Directly. You can install MetaMask as a browser extension on your computer or as an app on your phone. Click here for the main MetaMask website:

Once in MetaMask, go to Select a network (should be a dropdown menu towards the top of the screen) –> Add Network and select Polygon Mainnet.

From there, towards the bottom of the screen, you should see somewhere: “Don’t see your token? Import tokens”

Click on “Import Tokens” and then select: “Custom Token”

For Token Address, paste in the Domme Token Contract: 0xf1CcF7f6aa6e5CF141dE54351E8E30A618945530

The token symbol should autofill to “DOMME’ and the token decimal should autofill to 18. From there, simply click the “Import” button and that’s it!

Then use the up and down arrow button towards the bottom of the screen (if on mobile, but if on desktop it will be to your left and be labeled “Send & Receive.” From there, you will get your MetaMask address and QR Code where you can receive Domme Tokens!

How to Transfer Domme

Now let’s go over some options for how to transfer Domme. This will be useful for you to know if you want to transfer Domme between your wallets, and also useful for you to know so you can instruct your subs on how to make Domme transfers if they are new and do not yet fully know how.

To make a transfer from your Findom App wallet, start by going to “Domme Wallet” on the Findom App main menu.

To make a transfer, in addition to the Domme Tokens you want to transfer, you’ll also need some Matic (a very small amount per transfer) as well.

If you do not have and/or know how to get Matic into your Findom App Domme Wallet, do not worry! We’re going to thoroughly cover that in the next section. You can also contact us as well if you need assistance with that (or anything else of course).

But in the meantime, let’s just assume you already have a little bit of Matic in your Findom App Domme Wallet, along with some Domme Tokens you want to transfer out to a different wallet such as MetaMask.

Once you’re in your Findom App Domme Wallet, scroll down a bit to where it says “Select Token.” Use the dropdown menu to select “DOMME”

Then, down just a little further, enter the amount of Domme Tokens you want to send. So let’s say for example, you want to transfer 100 Domme from your Findom App wallet to your MetaMask wallet.

In this case you would enter 100 in the amount to send. From there, you would click the “Send Domme” button at the bottom of the screen, and that’s it!

To send Domme from MetaMask, simply go to MetaMask –> Send and enter the address you are sending to. From the dropdown select “DOMME” as the currency you are sending. Enter the amount you’d like to send, so in this case let’s just say 100, so you’d type in 100.

Then, click the “Next” button and it will take you to the final send screen. Most likely everything will look good and be set up properly, so at this point simply click “Send” and that’s it!

How to Buy Domme

Buying Domme Tokens is very quick and easy. There are a few steps/nuances to understand depending on where you are in the process, so let’s go over that now.

To buy Domme, you will first need Matic on Polygon Mainnet. There are several different ways to get Matic on Polygon Mainnet. For now, we’ll just give the easiest and most straightforward example of using MetaMask to purchase Matic with a debit card. However, you can Contact Us if you need any further assistance.

If you do not yet have MetaMask installed, you can go to

If you’re on a Desktop computer, you can add MetaMask as a browser extension.

If you’re on mobile, you can download the MetaMask App both from the website and clicking “Download on the App Store” or simply searching for it on your phones App Store.

From there, click the “Install” button.

From there, click the “Open” button.

Once open, you’ll see the “Welcome to MetaMask” screen.

From here, click on the “Get started” button:

From here, you’ll be asked to create a password:

Next, you’ll need to set up your wallet.

If you’re advanced and familiar with DEX Wallet’s and you want to import and existing wallet, you can go ahead and do that if you’d like.

However, if you’re newer, and for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to create a new wallet.

So with that, let’s click on the “Create a new wallet” button:

From here, you’ll be asked to save your recovery phrase:

This is standard procedure when setting up wallets like this. Simply follow the instructions to save your recovery phrase. First start by clicking the “Start” button, which will take you to the “Secure your wallet” screen:

A lot of this is just standard procedure, so you can go on ahead and click the “Start” button when you’re ready:

It might ask you to confirm your password once again:

You’ll then be told to write down your recovery phrase:

Then click the “View” button to get your recovery phrase.

Once you’ve gotten and written down your recovery phrase, it will then ask you to confirm it by entering it in a certain order on the next screen:

Once confirmed, you’ll end up on the Congratulations screen:

From here, click the “Done” button.

It might ask you if you want to automatically check for security updates:

This is up to you, if you have any doubts you can simply click “No thanks” and move on.

This will take you to your wallet home screen:

So from here, let’s enable and switch to Polygon network and buy some Matic!

First, start on your MetaMask home screen:

Most likely it will be set to Ethereum Network by default. Since we’re going to be buying Matic on Polygon Mainnet, let’s switch the network to Polygon.

To do this, click the top dropdown that says “Ethereum Main Net.”

This will take you to the “Select a network” screen:

From here, click the “Add Network” button at the bottom of the screen.

This will take you to the list of available networks:

Towards the bottom, you’ll see Polygon Mainnet. Click “Add” next to Polygon Mainnet. This will take you to the Polygon Mainnet addition screen:

Click the blue “Approve” button to approve the addition of Polygon Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.

When finished, you will get confirmation that the New network (Polygon Mainnet Network) was added:

From here, click the blue “Switch to network” button.

This will take you to the Polygon Mainnet switch confirmation screen:

From here, click the blue “Got it” button. This will take you back to your MetaMask wallet, except now you will be on Polygon Mainnet. Now you’re ready to buy Matic on Polygon Mainnet:

Start by clicking the blue “Buy MATIC” button towards the bottom of your screen. This will take you to the next screen:

From here, click the blue “Get started” button to get started.

So at this point, you will need to select your region.

We’re going to continue this guide, but from here your experience will differ depending on your region, but the basic process should be the same.

For us, we’re going to choose United States of America:

We’re then going to select “New York” because that’s where we are from. However, unless you’re also from New York, you’re instead going to select the country and region that you are from, which might be different than New York. That is completely fine. Instead of selecting New York, select instead whatever country and region you are from.

Another reminder, we are doing this based out of the United States and New York. Certain parts of this process might differ slightly depending on your region. That is okay, you can still use this guide and make slight adjustments based on your region.

For us, it is giving us the option to either use Debit or Credit, or Instant ACH Bank Transfer:

We’re going to choose Debit or Credit.

From here we will be asked to select a cryptocurrency:

You’ll notice in the screenshot it says on the top: “Select from the list of tokens available on Polygon Mainnet.”

So seeing this is confirmation that you are on the right network. If you see something else, for example: “Select from the list of tokens available on (any other network other than Polygon Mainnet) then you might be on the wrong network. If this is the case, go back to the beginning and switch to Polygon Mainnet.

Most likely if you’ve followed these instructions here so far you will already be on Polygon Mainnet. As such, you will see options to buy USDC or Matic.

Interestingly enough, eventually you will be able to choose either. However at the time of this writing, and for the purposes of this guide, we are going to choose MATIC. So with this being said, go ahead and click on MATIC for your cryptocurrency to buy.

This should take you to the MATIC buy screen:

From here you will be asked to enter an amount of Matic to buy. You can select any amount. We recommend any amount in between $10-$100. If you’re brand new, or you’re just getting into this and just want to see how it goes, you can go ahead and enter $10 to get started. So enter $10 or whichever amount you feel comfortable with, and then click the blue “Done” button.

This will take you to the next screen which will basically be a set up for what you’re buying (Matic), the amount you’re buying ($10) and your payment method (Debit or Credit):

Once you’re on this screen and everything is set up correctly, click on the blue “Get quotes” button.

This will take you to the “Fetching quotes” screen:

This will land you on the “Select a Quote” screen:

Again, this might differ for you depending on your region. That is completely fine. For us, we’re given a quote from link by Stripe. Essentially this is saying we’ll get $9.49 worth of Matic for $10, making the fee $0.51. This is both normal and reasonable, so let’s proceed by clicking “Continue with Stripe.”

Note: If you get a message that says something along the lines of “New updated quote available” or something along the lines of telling you to “approve a new quote.” That is completely fine and normal. It’s just the nature of how buying crypto goes. Most likely the new quote is off by less than a penny, but you can double check the new quote before proceeding if you’d like.

Once you’ve hit the “Continue” button, you should see the next screen outlining what you are paying and receiving and the fee amount:

In this example everything looks good. The fee actually seems to have gone down by 2 cents (most likely during the quote update we mentioned a moment ago) which is all good. In this example we’re essentially getting $9.51 of Matic, which at the time of this example is 12.1606 MATIC. Keep in mind, that when you do this, the Matic you receive might be completely different amount of Matic depending on the Matic price at the time you’re doing this. That is completely fine, you will still get the $9.51 worth of Matic, so it’s normal if you get an amount of Matic different than 12.1606, that is completely fine.

So let’s click the “Continue” button to go to the next screen:

So for us it’s asking us to Sign up or log in to link. For you it might be a different process depending on your region and payment processor. That is fine.

So for us we’ll enter an email and continue.

From here it might ask you to enter the 6 digit code to confirm your email:

Once that’s done it will ask you to confirm your wallet:

So MetaMask should already have your wallet address entered in. You really should be all set up with this. If you want you can go back and double check to make sure it is the correct wallet address, but there’s a very high probability this is automatically set up correctly for you.

So once you’re satisfied that is your wallet address, click the blue “Use this wallet” button.

This will take you to the “Add a payment method” screen:

From here you can add your payment method. In this case we added a debit card number. Once your payment method is added, click the blue “Review order” button.

This will take you to the final screen before placing your order:

So to review, you’ll see your email, where your Matic will be sent to, your payment method, the amount of Matic you are receiving, fees, total price. In this example everything looks good, so we’ll click the blue “Pay” button now:

If you get a message that says the price of MATIC updated, as mentioned before that is completely fine and normal, and it is likely off by less than a penny:

Regardless, even if the price signficantly changed (very unlikely in a short time frame), you’ll still only be paying the same amount, it will just be a matter of getting less Matic. In other words, it’s reasonable to proceed as this price update is normal, so you can go ahead and click the blue “Accept and pay button.”

From here, you will land on the “Your purchase is processing” screen:

They say it can take up to 10 minutes for the Matic to reach your wallet, although in our experience it will happen much faster. Either way is fine because there are a few steps to complete while we wait.

So let’s continue by clicking the blue “Return to MetaMask” button.

This will take you back to your wallet’s home screen:

If you see your MATIC balance at $0, and a “Processing your purchase of MATIC” message on the bottom of your screen. Don’t worry, your Matic is on the way.

Eventually, within a few minutes you’ll have the Matic you purchased in your account:

Whether your Matic is in your account or it’s still processing, either way is fine. There are a few steps that need to be taken before using the Matic to purchase Domme Token anyway, so let’s get right to that while we wait for your Matic to come in.

Let’s now add Domme as a custom token to your MetaMask wallet.

To do this, first start by copying the Domme Token Contract Address here:


Next, go to your MetaMask wallet. Make sure you are on Polygon Mainnet (See the top drop down menu):

Then, notice at the bottom where it says: “Don’t see your token? Import tokens”

Click on “Import tokens”

This will take you to the “Import Tokens” screen:

From here, click on “Custom Token”

This will take you to the Import Custom Tokens screen:

Next, paste in the Domme Token Contract Address you previously copied into the “Token Address” field.

Once this is done, the “Token Symbol” field should auto fill to “DOMME’ and the “Token Decimal” field should auto field to 18:

So now you should have the Domme Token Address pasted in, along with the Token Symbol as “DOMME” and the Token Decimal as “18.”

With all that looking good, let’s go ahead and click the “Import” button.

This should take you back to the home screen with the pop up message towards the bottom: “Imported Token. Successfully imported DOMME” as well as “Domme” now added to your wallet, probably right under “MATIC”, as in this example here:

Alright, now we’re ready to finally get some Domme Tokens!

Notice how we’re currently starting with 0 DOMME on MetaMask. After we’re done with this process we will have Domme Tokens on MetaMask.

So from here, in MetaMask, on the bottom of the screen, in the middle you’ll see the blue button with the up/down arrows. Immediately to the right of that button, you’ll see another grey and white button. Click that to access the MetaMask built-in browser:

From here, in the search bar, go to the Findom App main website (

You’ll notice on the top right the circle icon with the Polygon logo. That is very good. That is essentially displaying that your MetaMask is already connected and on Polygon Mainnet, which is going to make the rest of this go very smoothly.

So from here, login:

Once logged in, use the drop down menu to select “Domme Exchange”:

This will take you to the “Domme Exchange” page:

From here, click the “Connect” button:

This will take you to the “Connect a wallet” dropdown:

Select “WalletConnect.”

From here, scroll down a bit and you will see a few different options:

Click on MetaMask. This will take you to the “Connect to this site?” screen:

At this point, click the “connect” button

From here, you should get the connection successful screen:

Followed by the Uniswap approval screen:

From there, click the pink “I understand” button.

Once that’s all done, you will be connected to MetaMask, and you should see Polygon Mainnet Activated:

So where you see “You pay” and to the right the “Select token” dropdown, click on the dropdown:

From here, select “MATIC”

This will set the token you’re going to pay with to “MATIC”

Since you’re connected, your Matic Balance will automatically load.

Your numbers will vary, but essentially this is the same amount of Matic you recently purchased in the previous steps. So in our example we purchased $10 worth of Matic, which at the time of this example is 12.13 MATIC. Your numbers might differ substantially based on both the amount you’re starting with and the current market price of Matic. That is perfectly fine, you’re welcome to start with as much or as little as you like as we’ve previously discussed.

So for this example, since we bought $10 worth of Matic and we also want that to be our initial investment, we’re simply going to click “Max”:

This is going to load our full Matic balance. And you can see in the screenshot the Value is $9.58. So essentially we are going to be purchasing $9.58 worth of Domme Tokens.

At the time of this example, the current price of Domme is $0.01092 as per CoinMarketCap. So in this example, $9.58 worth of Matic is going to get us 727.736 Domme Tokens. The number of Domme Tokens you receive might differ substantially due to a variety of different factors. The important part to understand is your getting the number of Domme Tokens that correlates to the value of Matic you are using to exchange.

So you’ll notice the button that says “Swap anyway.” This has to do with the fact that at the time of this example there is low liquidity for this Token since it is brand new.

So now we’ll click the “Swap anyway” button:

So from here you’ll review the swap.

So it lays out clearly exactly what’s happening.

So in this case, we are paying 12.1175 Matic which at the time of this example is worth $9.57.

In exchange, we are going to receive 727.736 Domme Tokens.

You can also see the exchange rate of 1 DOMME = 0.01665 MATIC clearly stated:

The fee is 0 Domme and the Network cost is less than a penny. So with that, let’s click “Confirm swap” to confirm this swap:

This will set up the swap on MetaMask. Everything looks good, so let’s click “Confirm”.

This will take you to the “Transaction Submitted” screen:

And then rather quickly you’ll end up on the “Swap success” screen:

From there you can click “view on explorer” (if you like, it’s up to you).

So now, let’s check out our MetaMask wallet balance:

And viola!

We now have 727.7369 Domme Tokens in our MetaMask wallet. Once you’ve reached this point, you are officially a Domme Token holder!

So now what?

Nothing. Just hold, and wait. Let us do all the work. Let the Findom Community grow. Let Domme Token and what it stands for make it’s way through the blockchain, and enjoy the ride as the value of your Tokens skyrockets “To The Moon!”

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