Welcome back, sub.

You just couldn’t resist, could you? Now that you’re a Verified Sub here, you’ve definitely taken your submissiveness to the next level. But.. are you TRULY worthy?

What do you REALLY have to offer us? Can you really be of use to us? And if you can, how can you prove it to us?

You want to be a good little sub for us, don’t you? You want to obey our every command, bow down to us, and worship us in any way we see fit? Don’t you? 

Prove it.

Take this to the next level and PROVE to us that you are TRULY worthy enough to serve us, to be our slave, and to follow our every command.

Let’s go sub, do this now. Level up those Domme Dollars so you can prove to us Goddesses how worthy you are to serve us.

Give us a reason to pay attention to you. Otherwise, we’ll just have to find someone else who is TRULY worthy enough to serve us.

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