About Domme Dollars

Domme Dollars are a Digital Currency that was created specifically for Findom App. Domme Dollars are based off of the U.S. Dollar, and are purchased with Bitcoin. Domme Dollars help eliminate the volatility of cryptocurrency, making them a useful and safe method of payment on Findom App.

1 Domme Dollar = 1 USD

Domme Dollars transactions are recorded on the Findom App Transaction Log. You can use this information to see in real time which subs are sending, and how much they are sending. You can use that to determine if any particular sub would be worth your while to interact with.

You can see a subs Domme Dollars transaction history by going to their profile, and clicking on the 3D box with the text under it: “(sub’s name) History.”

The use of Domme Dollars here on Findom App is completely optional to you. You are absolutely welcome to accept Domme Dollars, as they were created specifically for you to use as a safe, quick and easy form of payment to use for Findom.

You are also welcome to not use Domme Dollars, and to instead instruct your subs to use any payment method that you choose. It’s completely up to you.

Some of the benefits of Domme Dollars is that transfers are instant, so you know instantly when a sub has sent you Domme Dollars. You will also receive an instant email notification when a sub has sent you Domme Dollars.

We are constantly encouraging subs to buy, and then immediately send Domme Dollars. When they’re done, we encourage them to do it again, and again. By accepting Domme Dollars as a form of payment, you get to benefit from their use, as subs can not cash out their Domme Dollars. All they can do is send them to you, making them an excellent feature and tool to use if you choose.

Verified Dommes are much more likely to receive Domme Dollars from subs, just in general, but also specifically as the result of tasks we give subs to complete. By becoming Verified, you’ll be in a position to earn Domme Dollars completely passively, without even having to interact with subs at all.

We strongly recommend becoming a Verified Domme, which will get you listed in the Verified Dommes section and from there, you’re earning potential will skyrocket.

Click the button below to become a Verified Domme, and start earning Domme Dollars right now!

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