There are many different cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets that you can use to send cryptocurrencies from. Since the list is extensive, we’ll narrow things down and simplify the best we can.

On Findom App, we recommend using either of the following:

Coinbase (For Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin)

Cash App (For Bitcoin)

MetaMask (For Ethereum or Polygon)

There are MANY others that you can use as well.

Other exchanges you can use include, but are not limited to:

We’re going to get more into which are the best coins to use and why a little bit later. But for now, if you want our #1 recommendation if you’re brand new and want this narrowed down as much as possible, we’re going to recommend signing up for Coinbase as our #1 recommendation for which cryptocurrency exchange to use, and we recommend either Ethereum or USD Coin as the best crypto to use (but we’ll get to which crypto to use in more detail later).

If you’re having any trouble with any of these exchanges in whatever your country you’re in, simply Google best cryptocurrency exchanges to use in (your Country) and then sign up for that exchange.

Sign up for any of the above exchanges by clicking on the links to open in a new tab. If you need to, open a new tab to use Google or a similar search engine to search for the best cryptocurrency exchange to use in your country, and then sign up for that exchange.

If you’re having trouble signing up for any exchange depending on where you are, a great option in this case would be to use MetaMask.

Once you have registered and created an account, come back here and click the link below to proceed:

Yes, I have created an account on a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet

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