Now that you already have a Coinbase account, the rest of this process will be very quick and easy.

We’re going to walk you step-by-step through this process.

First, Click This Link Here to open in a new tab, click the green “Get Verified Now” button and enter your email. That should take you to the final verification page, that looks like this:



Once you’ve made it to that page, come back here for the next steps.

Now that you have a separate tab open with the final Verification page as pictured above, you’ll notice that it landed on the default tab that says “Scan.” Since you’re going to be using Coinbase and not Cash App, you are now going to click on the “Copy” tab. So do this now, click on the “Copy” tab. Once clicked, you should get a screen that looks like this:



Great! Now, once at the copy screen, you’re going to simply click on the BTC Address once to copy it. You should get a message box that confirms the address is copied, which looks something like this:



Once the BTC Address is copied, go to your Coinbase dashboard. Once in the Coinbase Dashboard, you should see a Blue button with a White upwards arrow and the word “Send” under it. In the screenshot below, the “Send” button is the button on the very top, 2nd in from the left:



Once you click “Send”, you will then select “Bitcoin” as the asset to send:



On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter the BTC Address you are sending to. Here is where you are going to paste the BTC Address you copied earlier:



and after pasting:



Then, click Continue..

This will take you to the next screen to enter the BTC Decimal Amount.

So for this, go back to the Findom App Verification Page, and click once on the BTC Decimal amount to copy. Just one click and it should automatically copy. In this particular example, the BTC decimal amount is 0.00230490 BTC as you can see, but yours might look different, that’s okay!



Once copied, simply go back to Coinbase, and use the up and down arrows to switch the currency to BTC.

Then paste the BTC Decimal amount into Coinbase:



Note: Depending on your device, you might not be able to paste the BTC Decimal amount in. If that’s the case, simply just manually enter it. You can always write it down or make a note of it somewhere, and then go back to Coinbase to enter the decimal amount manually.

Then from there, click the blue “Preview” button, and you should get the last screen before the send looking like this:



If you’ve followed all these steps, everything should definitely be good. If you want to triple check, you can go back to the Findom App Verification page and make sure the BTC address and decimal amount line up with this final Coinbase screen.

Then, once you’re all set, simply click “Send now”, and that’s IT!

By using Coinbase you remain completely anonymous to us, and nobody will know that you’ve used Bitcoin on Findom App.

We NEVER see your personal information such as your name, address and phone number.

If you have questions or need help with any of this you can Contact Us for further assistance.

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