So now that you already have an account on Coinbase, you’ll have 2 options for which crypto to use to pay for membership here on Findom App. The 2 options are Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Note: DO NOT send Polygon/Matic from Coinbase. This is because Coinbase hosts this crypto as an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum network. As such, sending Polygon/Matic from Coinbase for your membership payment here will not be received by us or anyone else, and your crypto will be lost.

So for this example, we’re going to use Ethereum as the crypto we’re going to use to pay for membership. However, keep in mind that you can repeat this very similar process for Bitcoin if you choose to use it instead.

So let’s start with purchasing Ethereum to complete your membership payment.

First you’ll need to have enough Ethereum in your account + a little bit extra for fees to cover the price of membership.

So in this example, we’ll simply choose the One Week Membership.

Since the One Week Membership is $10, you’ll want to have $15 in Ethereum in your Coinbase account. In this case we’re adding an extra $5 for fees, but generally speaking the fees are going to be less than that.

To purchase Ethereum, start by going to the “Buy” button on the Coinbase dashboard:

From there, select “Ethereum” as the asset to buy:

From there, enter $15 (or whatever your membership price is + $5):

(Note: in this example we’re paying with cash in this Coinbase account, but you can use a debit card as well).

From here, click “Review order”:

From here, you will see the final buy screen, so click “Place order”:

Once your order is submitted, you can just click “Done” as this buying process is essentially finished at this point:

So that concludes the crypto purchasing part of this process. To buy Bitcoin is a VERY similar process, so we won’t go over the whole process again. Just understand that you can go through this same exact process of buying crypto on Coinbase whether it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum.

So now, let’s use Ethereum to purchase a One Week Membership here on Findom App!

First click the link below to open the Membership Selection page in a new screen, and then return here for the rest of the instructions.

Click Here To Open The Membership Selection Page In A New Screen

First, choose which membership would best fit what you’re looking for and your goals in Findom. For this example, we’re going to start with the most basic membership which is the “One Week Membership”:

This will take us to the “Membership Payment” screen:

Next, click the blue “Message Subs Now” button:

This will take you to the payment screen:

Next, select “Ethereum” as your currency from the dropdown menu:

Next, select “Ethereum” as your network:

So at this point you should have “Ethereum” as your currency and “Ethereum” as your network, so your screen should look like this:

With Ethereum as both your currency and network, then click the blue “Proceed to payment” button:

This will take you to the final payment screen:

Notice where it says “Send Ethereum to this address”

Click on the address once, and it should copy it to your phone:

Now that the address is copied, leave this screen open for now, and let’s go to the Coinbase dashboard/home screen:

Start by clicking the “Send” button:

Next, choose “Ethereum” as your asset to send:

Now, in the box under where it says “Send ETH to”, paste the address that you copied from the final payment screen:

Once you’ve pasted it, underneath you’ll see the address come up, so click on the address right underneath to select it:

Then click the blue “Continue” button:

From here, enter the amount to send. So in this example we are using the One Week Membership, so we’re going to enter 10 USD:

A quick note on this, if USD isn’t your native currency, to avoid confusion, we recommend entering the exact ETH amount. You can find the ETH amount from the final payment screen:

So in this example, the ETH amount is 0.0042559 ETH. So let’s say we’re not familiar with USD, instead we can simply enter the ETH amount. First, click on the “up/down arrows ETH” to switch the currency amount to Ethereum:

From here, enter the ETH amount:

You’ll notice it ends up equaling $10 USD anyway. So you can enter $10 if you’re familiar with USD, or if not you can simply enter the ETH amount. But either way it’s important to note the resulting amount you get one way or another is $10 (USD). If this is off by a few pennies ($10.02 / $9.99) that is fine and nothing to worry about.

So from here, everything looks good, so let’s click the blue “Preview” button:

This takes us to the final send screen:

So at this point if you followed these instructions correctly you’re pretty much good to go. Some things you’re welcome to take notice of if you feel the need to is you can notice the address you’re sending to, and that it lines up with the address you were given on the final payment screen:

In this case the addresses match so that’s very good.

The amount is $10.02 USD which is good.

The currency is ETH (Ethereum) and the Network is “Ethereum” so that is all lined up correctly.

The network fee in this case is $1.14 which is very good and reasonable (Bitcoin fees can sometimes be 10-20x that) so that’s set up well.

And finally in this case the Send time is “est. less than 10 minutes” so that is great as well.

So in this example everything looks great, so we’re going to go ahead and click the blue “Send now” button:

From here you can click the “View Transaction” button:

Which will bring you here:

You can leave that open, but let’s now go back to the Findom App final payment screen:

Leave this screen open, and let’s wait for about 1-2 minutes:

After approximately 2 minutes, you’ll get your “Confirming on blockchain” screen:

Once you see this screen, you’re in very good shape, so sit back, relax, and let the confirmation process complete (this should only be another minute or two).

And once the confirmation process is complete, you will get the Successful Payment screen:

Please feel free to screenshot that screen as your receipt if you’d like, it’s completely up to you!

Regardless, from here, click the green “Return to website” button:

And Viola! Here you will find yourself on the “Membership Confirmation” screen:

At this point, you’re ready to go! Depending on which membership selected, you’ll be informed of the membership length and expiration date. In this particular example, you’ll have unlimited private messaging with every sub on the entire site for one full week.

And that concludes our Membership Payment Guide using Coinbase as an exchange and Ethereum as a currency.

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges to use as membership payment, Coinbase has always been a great choice, along with Ethereum as the currency to use. But keep in mind, this process will work with both Bitcoin as well. So you’re welcome to complete this process using those Bitcoin instead of Ethereum if you’d like, it’s completely up to you!

But thank you for checking out this step-by-step guide on how to complete your membership payment by using Coinbase and Ethereum, and we look forward to assisting you in anyway we can to earn as much as possible as a Domme here on Findom App!

If you have any further questions about completing your membership, please fill out the contact form below and let us know which part of the process you need further assistance with.

Click Here To Contact Us

Other than that, once you’ve gone through this guide and you’re ready to select your membership, click below to select your membership:

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