Now that you already have a Cash App account, the rest of this process will be very quick and easy.

We’re going to walk you step-by-step through this process.

First, Click This Link Here to open in a new tab, click the green “Get Verified Now” button and enter your email. That should take you to the final verification page, that looks like this:



Once you’ve made it to that page, come back here for the next steps.

Now that you have a separate tab open with the final Verification page as pictured above, you’ll notice a green button at the bottom that says “Open in Cash App.”

If you’re on a mobile phone and have Cash App installed, click that button, and you should get a pop up notification asking you if you want to: Open in “Cash App”?



Once in Cash App, select “Priority” as your withdrawal speed.



Then on the next screen you should see a blue Bitcoin symbol and the phrase: “Confirm withdrawal to external wallet.”



If you see the above screen with the blue Bitcoin symbol and “Confirm withdrawal to external wallet”, then you are set up correctly and you are completely good to go. At this point, simply click the blue “Confirm & Send” button, and that’s it!

If you’ve followed all these steps, everything should definitely be good. If you want to triple check, you can always go back to the Findom App Verification page and make sure the BTC address and decimal amount line up with this final Cash App screen.

By using Cash App you remain completely anonymous to us, and nobody will know that you’ve used Bitcoin on Findom App.

We NEVER see your personal information such as your name, address and phone number.

If you don’t see the above screen, and instead you see a red ! with the phrase: “Insufficient Bitcoin Balance”:



Stop, and don’t send yet.

This isn’t a big deal, but it just means that you do not yet have enough Bitcoin in your account to send.

In this case, go back to the Cash App Dashboard and click on the “Bitcoin” button:



Then on the next page click the blue “Buy” button:



This will bring you to the next screen to select the amount to buy:



We recommend buying $60 worth, which you’ll have to input manually by clicking the … button:



However, if you already have some Bitcoin in your Cash App account, you can subtract that amount from $60 and buy the lesser amount instead.

Regardless, you’ll see the final purchase screen:



At this point, simply click the blue “Confirm” button, and that’s it!

Then, simply repeat the steps above (at this point you can either take it from the beginning or if you still have the Findom App Verification screen open:



Then you can simply once again click “Open in Cash App” and once again follow the steps, except this time you should see the correct screen with the blue Bitcoin symbol and “Confirm withdrawal to external wallet.”



If for whatever reason, you end up sending the incorrect Bitcoin amount, so for example maybe you sent from the “Insufficient Bitcoin Balance” screen by accident:



Don’t worry, as this is not a problem at all. In this case, return to the Findom App final Verification screen, and click the downwards double arrows to expand the Bitcoin send details:



After clicking the double down arrows:



Stay on this screen, and in approximately 90 seconds (1 – 2 minutes), you will see the “Already Sent” BTC amount update:



This is crediting you for the amount you’ve already sent (you will always get credited from the amount you’ve already sent). So if this does happen, in this case, you can once again repeat the process by clicking “Open in Cash App”, but just understand that if this happens, the Bitcoin amount you will be sending will be adjusted to credit you for what was already sent. In other words, you will never send more than you have to.

Also note, if after 2 minutes the “Already Sent” amount doesn’t update, try scrolling down to refresh the page (or simply click to refresh the page) to see if that updates it. If it still doesn’t update after around 2 minutes, don’t worry, you will still be credited, as it might take a little bit longer if there is heavy Bitcoin network congestion. You can always Contact Us if you have any questions or need any assistance with this as well.

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