Domme Token Drain

Good job on your first bonus task, sub. How did you enjoy admiring and tributing to a real Goddess live on her webcam?

For your second bonus task, we have a very pleasant surprise for you.

Your second bonus task is going to be to get all of your Domme Tokens drained in the “Domme Drains” chat room.

Don’t worry, sub. We’re going to provide you with Domme Tokens for you to send to the Goddesses of your choice.

Domme Tokens are a cryptocurrency, and they are becoming a new form of payment not only here on Findom App but in Findom as a community. Domme Tokens go straight to a Goddesses personal wallet, and she get’s to keep 100% of everything you send her and she can cash out at anytime.

This means by that by you sending Domme Tokens to the Goddesses here, they will appreciate your commitment and dedication to serving them, and they will consider you a good and obedient sub here on Findom App.

So the first step is, you’re going to go to the “Wallet” menu item on the main menu (or you can Click Here to Open Your Domme Wallet in a new tab so you can continue following the instructions on this page).

From there you should see your account address. To the right you should see a copy to clipboard icon. Click once to copy to clipboard.

Once that’s done, come back here and fill out the form below, to let us know your Domme address and that you’re ready to receive the Domme Tokens we will be providing for you to participate in this new drain session chat room:

Enter your Findom App username above.
Enter your Domme Wallet address above.

We will let you know once we’ve provided the tokens to you.

Once you receive your Domme Tokens, you’re going to go to the “Domme Drains” menu option on the main menu, or simply click here to open in a new tab: Domme Drains

You are going to post in the Domme Drains chat room that you have Domme Tokens in your wallet, and you are ready to be an obedient sub and send those Domme Tokens to a Dominant Goddess right now.

If you need assistance with what to say, you can use this:

“Hi Goddesses, for one of my Verified Bonus Tasks I have been given Domme Tokens, and instructed to send all of my Domme Tokens to you immediately.”

Eventually several Goddesses will respond and command you to send your Domme Tokens to them. When that happens, you will do as they instruct you to do, and you will send your Domme Tokens to them.

To send Domme tokens, you will go back to the “Wallet” menu option. On your wallet page, you will see your Domme address, and then underneath your Matic and Domme balances. Under that you will see “select token.” You will use the drop down menu and select “Domme” as the token to send (the default might show up as “Matic” and if so, you’ll need to switch the token to “Domme”).

Next, you will paste in the address of the Domme you are sending to (it should be either on her profile in the payment section in the “Domme” field, and/or she will post it in the Domme Drains chat room for you).

Next, you will select the amount to send.

Once that’s all done, simply click the “Send Domme” button on the bottom of the screen, and that’s it!

Do this for as many sends as necessary until all of your Domme Tokens are completely drained.

If you have any questions or need any assistances with using Domme Tokens and completing this task, you can DM the Admin profile or use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Once this Task is done and all of your Domme Tokens are drained, come back here and fill out the Bonus Task #2 completion form below:

Enter your Findom App username above.
I have completed Bonus Task #2 by going to the Domme Drains chat room and getting my Domme Tokens completely drained.

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