Since you already have an account on Cash App, the next step for you to do will be to get Bitcoin. To complete this one-time Bitcoin Verification send, you will need to have Bitcoin in your Cash App account.

To do this, first start by going to your main Cash App home screen:



From here, go to the right side second row box that says “Bitcoin” and click, which should result in this screen here:



From here, click the “Buy” Button:



From here click the “…” button on the bottom right:



From here, enter $65 as the amount, and then click the “next” button:



Confirm your Cash PIN:



From there, confirm your purchase:



When your purchase is complete, you should get this screen that shows that you purchased Bitcoin:



Now, at this point, you’re ready to complete your one-time Bitcoin Verification send with ease.



Start by going back to the beginning of the Domme Verification process, by going here (click to open in a new tab, and then come back here for the rest of the instructions): Click Here To Start Domme Verification



Scroll down to the bottom, and click the blue “Get Verified Now” button:



This takes you to the Domme Verification Page:



Scroll down to the bottom, and click the green “Get Verified Now!” button:



From there, enter your email associated with your Findom App Account:



This will take you to the final Verification page. Now, click the green “Open in Cash App” button:



You should get a pop up message: “Open in Cash App?”:



Then click “Open.”

Since you already have Bitcoin, this process is smoothly set up for you.

Select your withdrawal speed as priority, and click the “Next” button:



Below is the final send screen. Notice the blue Bitcoin symbol on the top Left, and the phrase: “Confirm withdrawal to external wallet”:



A few other things to notice, the USD equivalent of what you’re sending is $60

And so if everything mentioned above is correct and is lining up with your screen, at this point you are 100% completely set up correctly. In this case, click the blue “Confirm & send” button and confirm your Cash PIN:



And your withdrawal confirmation:



From here, go back to your browser, where you should see the original final Verification screen:



From here wait for approximately 90 seconds (give or take).

After about 90-120 seconds, you should get redirected to the Verified Domme Bitcoin Confirmation page:



At this point, you are complely finished with the Verification process, and nothing further is needed for you to do at this point.

For further confirmation, also check your email for the same confirmation as well:



On our end, we need to confirm your Bitcoin send (as long as everything above was done correctly it will definitely be confirmed, it’s just a manual process to confirm on our end). At this point, we review your account, add you to the Verified Dommes list, add your 10 Domme Dollars bonus to your profile, and enable all features including unlimited private messaging.

This process often times takes only a matter of a few minutes. If it is an odd hour, or during a very busy hour, it can at times take a few hours for this process to complete, but again, we try to get your account completely Verified and upgraded as soon as possible.

And that is the Verification process from start to finish, using Cash App in the United States with USD as your native currency. We hope this guide has been helpful. If you follow each step in this guide you will be a Lifetime Verified Domme here in no time and you will be able to begin earning as soon as possible.

If after reviewing this guide you still have any follow up questions, feel free to write to us again at or fill out the Bitcoin Verification Assistance Form again and specify which part of this process you still need assistance with so we can dig in deeper to your specific situation and assist you through this process to get Verified here as soon as possible.

We’re glad you’ve decided to join us here, and we look forward to assisting you to earn as much as possible as a Verified Domme here on Findom App very soon!

Become A Verified Domme!

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